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The Higgs - Gen 2.1



As much as Atlas and Justin were enjoying their newfound freedom, they still made a regular routine of stopping by the Higgs' homestead after work. After all, it was always fun to pester Seamus, and Alice's home cooked leftovers had been greatly missed.

Seamus: [from the living room] You'd better not be taking my dad's beer again!

Higgs_2 (2).jpg

Justin took a deep breath as he held his tongue, and answered with extreme cynicism.

Justin: I am having a glass of milk. Is that alright with you?

Atlas: Hey, I wonder if there's any chicken in here? My mom makes the best fried chicken.

Higgs_2 (3).jpg

As fall rapidly approached, Alice felt a her heart drop a little, knowing that her two sons would soon be leaving to start new lives at Crystal Springs University; possibly never to return home again.

Higgs_2 (4).jpg

Alice thought she was a great catch for Seamus, and often made overzealous attempts to make her feel at home.

Alice: Kathy, will you be staying for dinner tonight?

Kathy: Oh, I'm sorry. I have an early shuttle to catch, and still have a gazillion things to do.

Higgs_2 (5).jpg

Seamus: Didn't you say you had something you wanted to talk about?

Kathy: It's nothing. Just nerves, I guess.

Higgs_2 (6).jpg

After three months of living on their own, Cynthia Kim finally found the time to check out her son's apartment before moving out.

Cynthia: Jesus, what did you do, raid a dumpster to furnish this place?

Justin: Well, we didn't have a lot of money, so we got most of it from yard sales. It's been fun trying to piece it all together.

Higgs_2 (7).jpg

After the brief tour, Cynthia sat down with her son for a talk.

Cynthia: Is this really how you want to live?

Justin: Yeah, we don't care about status, or having the best of everything.

Cynthia: That's not what I'm getting at. (deep breath) Let's face it, teenage marriages don't usually work. You might want to consider how you're going to explain this phase to someone in the future.

Higgs_2 (8).jpg

You could say that Cynthia was honest to a fault, as she was never afraid to speak her mind, or put in her two cents worth. Justin became unglued at the mere thought of what his mother was implying.

Justin: Phase? That's all you think this is, a fucking phase? Get out, get the fuck out of my life!

Higgs_2 (9).jpg

Without so much as an apology or a goodbye, Cynthia quickly turned for the door.

Atlas: You shouldn't talk to your mom like that.

Justin: She really pissed me off.

Atlas: Still, she's your mom. Mine does it to me too, you just gotta learn to shrug it off sometimes.

Justin: No, you shouldn't have to. It's fucking bullshit!

Higgs_2 (10).jpg

Sunday morning Justin received a phone call from Hadron.

Justin: Hey, Atlas, it's your dad! He wants us to come down to the park for a barbeque at noon.

Higgs_2 (11).jpg

Hadron did his homework, and invited everyone he could get ahold of for a big farewell party. Poor Alice, she really wanted to go, but had piles of work to catch up on; or maybe it was just a lame excuse not to go and make a blubbering fool out of herself.

Higgs_2 (12).jpg

One day, while taking out the trash, Justin found an old kite beside the can. He had been meaning to try it out, but never got around to finding the time before now.

Justin: I think I know why someone was throwing it away now.

Higgs_2 (13).jpg

Atlas could see Justin's frustration, and quickly came to soothe his temperament.

Atlas: Just think, this is the park were we had our first kiss. It's kind of perfect that we're having our farewell party here, dont'cha think?

Justin: Ah yes, ow could I ever forget?

Atlas: Some of the guys are starting a hacky sack playoff, wanna join?

Higgs_2 (14).jpg

Ms. McGaw, who used to be their science teacher decided to try her hand at it; or foot, should the case be. She wasn't half bad either.

Seamus: Kick it to her, kick it to her!

Ms. McGaw: Back in my day, we used to call this "footbag".

Higgs_2 (15).jpg

Oddly enough, there seemed to be plenty of swings available, but they insisted.

Ginger: Oh, Juuuuustin... come give us a push.

Higgs_2 (16).jpg

Ms. McGaw: Atlas was always such a delight to have in class, never did a lick of homework though.

Hadron: Eh, you didn't do your homework?

Atlas: Hey now, no sense on dwelling on the past. Right?

Higgs_2 (17).jpg

Goodbye endless summer days, hello drizzly autumn. Will the weather hold out long enough for lunch?

Candice: [to herself] Oh dear, it's starting to rain. Maybe I should just finish off these chips so they don't go to waste.

Higgs_2 (18).jpg

Candice: You know that it's starting to rain, right?

Atlas: Well, I guess we'll have to eat fast then, won't we?

Higgs_2 (19).jpg

Ms. McGaw: Nice to meet you, Miss Haddie. I used to teach both of your brothers when they were in highschool, maybe someday I'll get to teach you too.

Higgs_2 (20).jpg

Atlas: Ummm, isn't anyone going to eat?

Haddie: Don't worry, I'll eat 'em all up!

Higgs_2 (21).jpg

Haddie rounded up the rest of the party, but the rain was coming down pretty steadily at this point, and no one was prepared.

Gavin: He's crazy if he seriously expects us to sit down and eat in this?

Katrina: We should probably call it a day. We don't want to get sick right before school.

Higgs_2 (22).jpg

They were right, and the loud clap of thunder hastened their case. Everyone quickly gathered around to say their goodbyes.

Higgs_2 (23).jpg

In hopes of getting their damage deposit back, the boys worked throughout the night and into the early morning to be sure the place was spick and span.

Higgs_2 (24).jpg

With a few moments to spare before their cab arrived, the boys decided to take a crack at their long forgotten "to read" list.

Atlas: Holy shit, Dumbledore died.

Justin: No way!

Atlas: Go look, page 596.

Higgs_2 (25).jpg

The cab arrived promptly at 8:00 AM. Truth be told, neither really wanted to say goodbye to the cozy life they had become accustomed to over the summer. But, on the other hand, they didn't want to be street mimes forever either.

Higgs_2 (26).jpg

Hadron: Seamus, the cab is here.

Seamus: I can't believe I'm actually leaving.

Haddie: [mockingly] I can't believe I'm actually leaving.

Higgs_2 (27).jpg

Hadron and Alice walked Seamus out to his cab, while Haddie gave him a quick hug before boarding the school bus. She found a spot at the back, and continued to wave at him through the rear window until his cab was out of sight.

Higgs_2 (28).jpg

The trek through the mountains was a long and tiresome one. From it's lush hillside, to it's natural glacier hotsprings, Crystal Springs is indeed a strange and wondrous place.

Higgs_2 (29).jpg

Barely settled in, Seamus received a disturbing phonecall.

Justin: Kathy is breaking up with Seamus. Something about a fresh start anyway.

Higgs_2 (30).jpg

Justin and Atlas devise a plan to help raise Seamus' spirits.

Justin: I think we should have a party, you know, to get accquainted.

Cook: Oh sure, and leave a big mess for me to clean up!

Atlas: I suppose we could have it somewhere else.

Higgs_2 (31).jpg

Maybe a fresh start wasn't such a bad idea, there were plenty of new faces and people to meet. Seamus decided to make the most of it, and partake in some activities with his fellow dormies.

Rose: Are you llamas or mamas?

Seamus: I take it you really like sports.

Rose: Quit playing with the ball and push up!

Higgs_2 (32).jpg

One by one, the guests trickled in.

Higgs_2 (33).jpg

Atlas: Anders, is that your Halloween costume or did you get your ass kicked?

Anders: Very funny.

Higgs_2 (34).jpg

While waiting for the party to start, Justin and Atlas playfully tag team Anders on the dance floor.

Higgs_2 (35).jpg

Anders: Whoa, guys, what're you doing?

Justin: [whispering] Is Anders bi, or something?

Atlas: Just drunk, I think.

Higgs_2 (36).jpg

Anders: [laughing] That's it, I'm taking this one back to the dorm with me.

Higgs_2 (37).jpg

Seamus: What the hell is going on here?

Atlas: It's ok, we were just goofing around.

Anders: Shiiit, it's all good.

Higgs_2 (38).jpg

Hearing footsteps on the stairs, Atlas crept out to surprise the guests.

Atlas: Boo!

Katrina: Careful, don't impale yourself on the wrought iron banister!

Zoe: [panting] You scared the living daylights out of me.

Higgs_2 (39).jpg

Outside, Seamus tries to enlist his brother's help in scoping out women.

Seamus: I was thinking, that maybe you could help me meet some girls tonight.

Atlas: Oh, no! I don't get along with girls like that, remember?

Seamus: Somehow, I seriously doubt that. They all seem to like you.

Higgs_2 (40).jpg

What a perfect match, Frankenstein and his bride.

Seamus: Woman... Friend... Wife... ?

Candice: I'm deeply flattered, however, Count Dracula is the one who holds my heart.

Higgs_2 (41).jpg

That didn't seem to go over too well.

Atlas: You dork, I can't believe you just did that! You're on your own, buddy.

Higgs_2 (42).jpg

While trying to regain composure, Seamus heard an old familiar voice that made his heart leap into the pit of his stomach.

Kathy: Seamus?

Seamus: [silently] Kathy? Maybe she had a change of heart.

Higgs_2 (43).jpg

Kathy: I was just going to say, "hi".

Seamus: Hi.

Kathy" Are you ok?

Seamus: [bitterly] Never better.

Higgs_2 (44).jpg

Atlas: I can't believe you had the gall to show up here. Who invited you anyway? I know I sure didn't.

Kathy: My whole dorm was invited.

Justin: Oh, that was my mistake. I didn't realize, sorry.

Higgs_2 (45).jpg

After sorting everything out in his mind, Seamus decided to try and engage in some idle chit-chat with Kathy. Perhaps he could win her back with his charm.

Atlas: I just don't get those two?

Justin: They'll probably end up getting married somewhere down the road, just you watch.

Higgs_2 (46).jpg

Some sims fell in love that night...

Higgs_2 (47).jpg

Others just aimed to tease.

Higgs_2 (48).jpg

It remains uncertain just how much Seamus had to drink that night, if any at all, but he was definitely in rare form. Sometimes you just need to let loose.

Seamus: Well, you must be my lucky star.

Higgs_2 (49).jpg

It was that old familiar voice again, as comforting as an old pair of shoes.

Kathy: Seamus?

Higgs_2 (50).jpg

For one quick moment the entire world stood still...

Seamus: Kathy!

Stephen: Our king has arrived, all hail the great pumpkin!

Higgs_2 (51).jpg

And, once again resumed.

Lance: I'd sure like to go down that rabbit hole, Trinity!

Higgs_2 (52).jpg

The music continued to play as the house lights went up.

I said, oooh girl... shock me like an electric eel...

Elizabeth: Not the ugly lights already?

Atlas: Come on, don't you think you've teased the girls enough, Justin?

Higgs_2 (53).jpg

To justify his love, Justin dipped Atlas back for a long and passionate kiss.

Zoe: Oooh, baby! If that ain't hot, I don't know what is.

Jaqueline: [silently] I can't help but wonder if Atlas would still be like this if I hadn't turned him down. What if I made him gay?

Higgs_2 (54).jpg

Time flies when you're having fun, and no one was ready to call it a night just yet.

Jaqueline: Wait, not so fast.

Zoe: The bar is closing, Jacki.

Jaqueline: Let's find out if there's an afterhours party going on.

Higgs_2 (55).jpg

Justin set out to find Atlas and spread the word about the party.

Atlas: Come here, you.

Justin: Hey, I guess there's an afterhours party.

Atlas: I was kinda hoping we could go back to the room, and you could show me what you meant by "head on the door", Robert... Smiiiith.

Higgs_2 (56).jpg

Ryker: All ends in love and war, and the chicken chaser has found his chicken.

Justin: Chasing the chickens again, are we?

Atlas: Wasn't he the chicken kicker earlier?

Justin: Maybe they had a fight.

Higgs_2 (57).jpg

Everyone steadily filed out, exchanging numbers and emails along the way.

Katrina: Oh my God, you're never going to believe this, but I just saw Kathy leave with Heath!

It was a mighty blow to the ego, considering how all the fighting with Heath over Kathy in the past. But, maybe it was meant to be.

Higgs_2 (58).jpg

Pierce: No sense letting the hard cider go to waste. Join me?

Atlas: It was a long night, I think I'm going to head back to the room.

Seamus: You used to party all night, what happened?

Justin: I guess we're just getting old.

Higgs_2 (59).jpg

Not quite ready to call it a night, Seamus pulled out his laptop to check his email, not more than thirty seconds had passed when he received an instant message from Jaqueline.


RedHotBBGurl [2:36 A.M.]: Ur a good dancer Shay! We should totes hook up ;)

He never once thought about dating a girl like her before, but you never know, sometimes change is good.
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