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The Higgs - Gen 2.2



While taking a break between term papers and finals, Anders decided to show his fellow dormies 'Two Sims, One Plumbob'.

Seamus: What the hell is this supposed to be?

Anders: Just watch.

Higgs_2 (2).jpg

Not more than a few seconds in, everyone shrieked back in horror. Seamus immediately covered his eyes at such filth.

Seamus: I can't watch!

Atlas: Oh, ohhh... ew!

Higgs_2 (3).jpg

Atlas: No, no, oh fuck no!

Justin: That's disgusting.

Anders slunk down in his chair. Seamus kept his eyes hidden, but peeked through his fingers periodically; it was all he could do to keep from heaving up his lunch. The Crystal Springs mascot quickly left the room, still gagging on his way out.

Higgs_2 (4).jpg

It was hard to clear his mind and shift gears back to schoolwork after watching that. Slowly, Justin piddled along though his term paper.

Atlas: Are you done yet?

Higgs_2 (5).jpg

Justin: It's all yours.

Atlas: [sarcastically] Geez, thanks. Finals are less than two hours away, I'm sure I'll get plenty of work done by then.

Higgs_2 (6).jpg

It seemed that Seamus and Jaqueline had hit it off pretty well at the Halloween party, as the two had started casually dating ever since. It wasn't anything serious, but maybe that's exactly what Seamus needed after being so emotionally invested in his highschool sweetheart Kathy.

Seamus: Sorry I'm late, my roommate had to show me something.

Jaqueline: No biggie, I was actually running a litle late myself.

Higgs_2 (7).jpg

Hostess: Welcome to Merlotte's. The dining section is closed for the evening, but there's plenty of room at the bar. Care for a drink?

Jaqueline: As long as the grill's open, that's all we care about.

Seamus: I'll take a Hefeweizen, with a lemon.

Higgs_2 (8).jpg

Just as the waiter was serving up their order, a "Secret Society" member pushed past him, knocking the tray right out of his hands. Lemons and oranges, dishes and cutlery, everything went flying. Seamus had asked for a lemon, but clearly this was a lot more than he had bargained for.

Higgs_2 (9).jpg

The waiter tried to ease the situation with a bit of humor.

Steven: And now, for my encore... Just kidding, I'll be right back with a fresh salad for you.

Seamus: That's quite alright.

Higgs_2 (10).jpg

One thing about good old-fashioned greasy spoon diners, is the comfort food - not only is it filling and cheap, but it's delicious.

Seamus: So, how is diner-style filet mignon anyway?

Jaqueline: Pretty damn good, have some!

Seamus: It's awfully small for being the most expensive item on the menu, don't you think?

Higgs_2 (11).jpg

A slow, jazzy song played on the jukebox. Jaqueline nuzzled her head in the crook of Seamus' neck and whispered softly. Katrina, stopping by for some food on her back from finals, was aghast by what she saw.

Jaqueline: I've heard there's a small card room in the back. It's probably empty by this time of the night if you wanna go check it out?

Seamus liked the sound of this and nodded in agreement.

Higgs_2 (12).jpg

Katrina shot them a disapproving look as she plunked herself down in a booth to review her notes.

Katrina: [silently] She's going to ruin him.

Higgs_2 (13).jpg

Jaqueline put on her best poker face, but Seamus wasn't buying it.

Seamus: Talk about beginner's luck! Are you sure you've never played before?

Higgs_2 (14).jpg

Jaqueline: Why would I lie? Did I mention that this is "strip" poker?

Higgs_2 (15).jpg

Playing well into the night, and wearing nothing but his boxers, Seamus finally had a winning hand.

Seamus: I can't believe it, I actually won this time! You know what that means, it's your turn to take off some clothing now.

Jaqueline: Fair enough.

Higgs_2 (16).jpg

Suddenly Seamus became aware of the time; he quickly pulled on his undershirt and kissed Jaqueline goodnight.

Higgs_2 (17).jpg

As he went back for the rest of his belongings, Debbie - the kimono wearing, anime loving girl from highschool - happened to seat herself at the table.

Debbie: Seamus, where are your clothes?

Seamus just snickered to himself, and decided to leave her guessing.

Higgs_2 (18).jpg

Atlas: God, that was a long exam. I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier.

Justin: Eh, we were both stressing out. Sorry for hogging the laptop, I guess I lost track of time.

Higgs_2 (19).jpg

After getting situated and comfortable in their bed, something suddenly occurred to Atlas. He didn't see Seamus at finals. Atlas assured himself that Seamus was level-headed, and wouldn't slough off something so important.

Higgs_2 (20).jpg

As Seamus was just about to climb up onto his bunk, when it hit him; he missed his final exam!

Higgs_2 (21).jpg

Seamus: How could I forget that finals were tonight? I am so screwed. I'm going to be put on academic probation for sure. Maybe even flunk out of college!

Higgs_2 (22).jpg

Atlas passed by his brother the following morning at breakfast.

Atlas: Hey, I didn't see you at finals last night. Did they change your time or something?

Seamus: No. (sigh) Er, I forgot.

Higgs_2 (23).jpg

Atlas: Whoa, that must have been a pretty good date! It's not like you to forget something like your final exam.

Seamus: [making light of the situation] Well, I did get naked.

Atlas: Congratulations, bro!

Higgs_2 (24).jpg

Dreading his probation notice, Seasus trudged out to the mailbox to get it over with. Instead, he was surprised to find a very detailed, and pungent smelling, letter from Jaqueline. She wrote five pages of curly Q's, and dotted every "i" with a heart, gushing about the fantastic night they had out.

Higgs_2 (25).jpg

As he stood by the mailbox, reading his letter, his attention was averted as something whirled past his head. A few of his fellow dormies were tossing around a football, and an attractive brunette caught his eye.

Lainey: [chuckling] Lookout, loverboy!

Seamus tucked the letter into his back pocket and went inside.

Higgs_2 (26).jpg

Atlas: Hey, I was thinking. This means you're on probation, doesn't it? You might lose your scholarship. Mom and dad are going to be so pissed.

Seamus: I know, I know.

This couldn't be happening, not to him. All he wanted to do was to crawl back into bed, wake up, and start the day over. Maybe then things would be different.

Higgs_2 (27).jpg

Being officially on break for the holidays now, a Christmas caroling party was in order. As Seamus waited in the cafeteria for everyone to arrive, he spotted Lainey Young, the girl who was throwing the football the other morning.

Seamus: Hey, I remember you! A few of us are going out Christmas caroling tonight. You're welcome to join us, if you're not too busy.

Lainey: Oh, I was just writing to my friends back home. I'd love to.

Higgs_2 (28).jpg

Atlas and Justin started out with a devil-may-care attitude, singing a twisted holiday tune.

Later on, if you wanna
We can dress like Madonna
Put on some eyeshade, and join the parade
Walking 'round in women's underwear...

Higgs_2 (29).jpg

After the gang rolled in, things took on a slightly more serious tone.

There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found...

Higgs_2 (30).jpg

While singing the last verse, Lainey nonchalantly gave Seamus' hand a little squeeze.

But he waved goodbye saying, "Don't you cry, I'll be back again some day."

Higgs_2 (31).jpg

Anders: So, we 'bout ready to head out?

Seamus: Hmmm, maybe one more. To make sure our voices are warmed up.

Higgs_2 (32).jpg

Now bring us some friggin’ pudding
Now bring us some friggin’ pudding
Now bring us some friggin’ pudding
And bring it out here!

Higgs_2 (33).jpg

Lainey steadily inched her way up beside Seamus. This time he gave her arm a little squeeze. Anders kept singing, and pretended not to notice.

We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some
So bring it out here!

Higgs_2 (34).jpg

This time everyone saw it, and turned to Seamus in bewilderment.

Anders: You dog, you! I saw what you did there. Niiice one.

Justin: Warm up our voices, my ass! Looks like you had your own agenda.

Seamus: Aw come on, guys. Let's go do some caroling!

Higgs_2 (35).jpg

With each stop they picked up a few more along the way, friends as well as foes. By the last stop, it was a full-blown party.

Higgs_2 (36).jpg

Simon: Come in and warm up, there's hot cocoa and cookies inside.

Atlas: I can't believe it, everyone's here!

Simon: [to Justin] Maybe I'll catch you under the mistletoe later.

Justin: Huh?

Higgs_2 (37).jpg

As they say, a leopard doesn't change his spots. Heath Butler was still a jerk, and couldn't help but rub a little salt in Seamus' wounds.

Heath: Oh, look! It's your old boyfriend, and it looks like he's got himself a new girlfriend.

Kathy: Oh, Heath, be nice! This is a Christmas party.

Higgs_2 (38).jpg

Seamus: Now, what was that about wanting a fresh start again?

Kathy: I figured I'd give him another chance. He's really not as bad as you think.

Heath just stood back and grinned, reveling in his triumph.

Higgs_2 (39).jpg

Atlas: Oh look, Seamus's old friend Simon who used to pick on me, is wearing a skirt; and totally checking you out, by the way.

Justin: It's a kilt, a utilikilt.

Atlas: Whatever, it's a fucking skirt.

Justin: Well, I think it's kind of cool.

Higgs_2 (40).jpg

Anders: Déjà vu, haven't we done this before?

Zoe: It's like the Halloween party all over agian.

Higgs_2 (41).jpg

Justin was a little disenchanted with Atlas' attitude at the moment, and seeing all the happy couples didn't seem to help matters any. Why was he acting so weird? Did he somehow feel threatened by Simon?

Higgs_2 (42).jpg

Jaqueline: Seamus, I was just in the kitchen. What's going on with you and that Lainey chick from your dorm?

Seamus: I thought we were just casually dating. Nothing serious, right?

Jaqueline: Yeah, but, I thought maybe things had changed.

Justin: Smooth move, Seamus!

Higgs_2 (43).jpg

Simon: How much do you wanna bet, I get Justin under the mistletoe by the end of the night?

Ginger: He's married!

Simon: Just a little holiday kiss.

Ginger: You're a pig.

Justin was in earshot, but pretended not to hear. He wasn't about to act on Simon's advances, yet he couldn't help but feel a little flattered by it.

Higgs_2 (44).jpg

The sun was just starting to peek up over the horizon when the boys returned to their dorm.

Atlas: Some shortcut you had there. Through the marshlands, what were you thinking? It's now daylight, and my feet are soaked!

Justin: My feet are just fine.

Higgs_2 (45).jpg

Atlas: You're wearing boots! I'm just wearing these Chucks.

Justin: It was a nice walk though, wasn't it?

Atlas: Yeah, it was.
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