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The Higgs - Gen 2.4



Though they weren't officially an item just yet, Seumas and his fellow dormie Lainey, were steadily becoming closer and closer. But, after having his heart broken by Kathy, he was afraid to officially commit to her.

Seamus: Got any plans for tonight?

Lainey: [shyly] Maaaybe.

Higgs2_4 (2).jpg

She was hoping for a date, but this would suffice for now.

Seamus: Well, some of us are going bowling tonight, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with?

Lainey: I'm not very good, but yeah. I mean, I'd love to.

Higgs2_4 (3).jpg

Keeping his eye on the target, Atlas made careful note of the mark as he entered the approach.

Higgs2_4 (4).jpg


Higgs2_4 (5).jpg

The concurrence of their outing, and the appearance of Simon Brown, seemed a little too convenient. Could this really only be a coincidence?

Simon: I thought I smelled something foul. What, have you got the bumper guards up or something?

Higgs2_4 (6).jpg

Simon smirked, Atlas held his tongue and gave only a glare.

Higgs2_4 (7).jpg

Justin missed a few pins on his first throw, but picked them up on his second.

Simon: Nice spare. (applauds)

Atlas: What the hell is he up to now?

Higgs2_4 (8).jpg

Shamelessly, Simon grabbed a ball, and jumped in.

Atlas: Excuse me, but we're playing a game here.

Simon: Your point.

Justin: Jesus, Atlas, it's not like we're on a league or anything.

Higgs2_4 (9).jpg

Pissed that the score board was now screwed up, Anders took his turn anyway. The agreement was that the loser was to buy a round of drinks at the lounge upstairs, and he wasn't about to let Simon play his turn for him.

Higgs2_4 (10).jpg

Simon didn't leave though, instead he cozied himself up to the bar and took full advantage of the happy hour specials.

Higgs2_4 (11).jpg

Simon: Hey beautiful! 'Bout time you showed up. There's an empty seat right here next to me.

Higgs2_4 (12).jpg

Atlas: That's it, you need to leave.

Simon: [mockingly] Oh, no. Don't make me leave!

Anders: Don't worry, Atlas, I've got your back.

Higgs2_4 (13).jpg

Simon: This is a public place, and whether you like it or not, I have every right to be here.

Atlas: You've been causing nothing but trouble for us, and I'd appreciate it if you'd kindly leave us the fuck alone!

Higgs2_4 (14).jpg

Anders stepped in at that point and had it out with Simon.

Lainey: I'm proud of you for standing up to him like that. You're brave.

Atlas: Not really. He just pisses me off to no end.

Lainey: I hope someone will do that for me someday.

Higgs2_4 (15).jpg

The lounge featured a full bar, jukebox, and karaoke machine. Good friends, stiff drinks, and bad singing; who could pass that up?

Lainey: Having a little liquid courage before we go up?

Seamus: Trust me, I need it.

Lainey: Ha ha, me too.

Higgs2_4 (16).jpg

Just as there are several types of alcohol, there are several types of drunks. There's mean drunks, emotional drunks, horny drunks, and the list goes on. Lainey however, was a happy drunk.

Lainey: My God, the resemblance is uncanny.

Seamus: Eh?

Justin: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Ohhhohhhoh...

Higgs2_4 (17).jpg

Lainey: Look everybody, it's Seamus at graduation in four years!

The crowd erupted with laughter.

"Won't you, come see about me? I'll be alone, dancing, you know it, baby..."

Higgs2_4 (18).jpg

With nerves aflutter, Seamus and Lainey stepped up to the mic for their duet.

Seamus: Don't go breaking my heart.

Lainey: I couldn't if I tried.

Higgs2_4 (19).jpg

Simon: Sorry about earlier.

Justin: Sure you are.

Simon: Let me buy you a shot. Consider it a peace offering.

Justin: Ok.

"Oooh, ooh... nobody knows it. Nobody knooows it..."

Higgs2_4 (20).jpg

Simon: There's a jukebox on the other side. Whadda ya say we go check it out.

Justin: Anything, but this.

Higgs2_4 (21).jpg

Anders and Simon had agreed to put their fists down for the night. He didn't want to berate him anymore at this point, but he could tell that something was up, and found it necessary to say something.

Anders: [dryly] Nice ring there, Justin.

Justin: 950 Platinum, nothing but the best!

Higgs2_4 (22).jpg

Justin always tries to be understanding, but sometimes he's just a little too naive for his own good. Clearly, Simon had a hidden agenda here.

Justin: Didn't have any other 'Nine Inch Nails' songs besides 'Closer'?

Simon: It's a bar. That's practically their anthem.

Justin: Really? I'd think that 'Head Like A Hole' would be more upbeat.

Simon: It's suggestive, and they say bad words. People love that shit.

Higgs2_4 (23).jpg

Thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to make his move, Simon pressed his body up against Justin's, and wrapped his arms around him.

Justin: Whoa, what the hell are you doing?

Simon: Nothing, just go with it.

Higgs2_4 (24).jpg

Simon: Come on, now tell me that you didn't feel it too?

Justin inhaled deeply. He was indeed feeling something.

Higgs2_4 (25).jpg

Justin found a seat at the nearest table. He had to put a stop to this behavior, and quick. We wasn't sure if he could even trust himself anymore.

Justin: Look, I have a lot at stake here. You can't expect me to just drop everything to have a fling with you.

Simon: I'm sorry?

Higgs2_4 (26).jpg

Justin: In case you haven't noticed, I do have a partner, and we are married.

Simon: I just thought that maybe you wanted it too. I'll leave you alone now.

Higgs2_4 (27).jpg

Justin: So, you're just going to get up and leave?

Higgs2_4 (28).jpg

Justin lit up another cigarette as he rose to his feet. His wanting eyes connected with Simon's, and without so much as a second thought he gently leaned in for a kiss.

Higgs2_4 (29).jpg

He knew it was wrong, but the thrill was euphoric. Perhaps Simon was right, and deep down he really wanted this too.

Higgs2_4 (30).jpg

Immediately coming to his senses, he pushed Simon away.

Justin: This isn't right.

Simon: What, do I have bad breath or something?

Higgs2_4 (31).jpg

Justin: No, it's just that... I shouldn't be doing this.

Simon: Neither of us should be doing this. Don't forget, I've got Ryker.

Higgs2_4 (32).jpg

Simon: Shit, I really am a horrible person. Aren't I?

Justin: Don't worry about it.

Higgs2_4 (33).jpg

In a futile attempt to smooth things over, Simon followed Justin into the men's room. He played the vulnerability card, hoping to regain his trust.

Simon: Look, I really am sorry. I got carried away.

Justin: Let's just pretend that none of this happened.

Higgs2_4 (34).jpg

Worried that he might have been gone for too long, Justin quietly slipped back into the lounge. Somehow, Seamus had coerced Atlas into singing with him, and they were too engrossed in trying to decide on a song to even notice.

Seamus: 'We Are Family' by Sister Sledge.

Atlas: Uhh, are you sure about that?

Seamus: It's perfect.

Higgs2_4 (35).jpg

Atlas: Everyone can see we're together... As we walk on by.

Seamus: Fly!

Higgs2_4 (36).jpg

Atlas: Hey, did you go somewhere?

Justin: I stepped out for a bit... you know, smoke break, pee break.

Atlas: Did I totally own on Sister Sledge, or what?

Technically, Justin wasn't lying.

Higgs2_4 (37).jpg

She had first dismissed it as aging, but Alice had become increasingly ill and lethargic as the time went by.

Alice: What's wrong with me? I'm sick all the time now.

Higgs2_4 (38).jpg

Hardly anything agreed with her stomach anymore, and she found herself in and out of bed throughout most of the night. It's no wonder she was so exhausted.

Higgs2_4 (39).jpg

She couldn't ignore it any longer, and decided to finally get to the root of it.

Alice: Why do they make these examination tables so low? I guess that's what I get for going to a family practice clinic.

Higgs2_4 (40).jpg

Dazed by her prognosis, Alice walked out.

Alice: How could I be pregnant? I had my tubes tied years ago.

Higgs2_4 (41).jpg

Because of her age, there were certain risk factors involved, so the doctor wanted to keep a close watch on her. She was relatively healthy though, so he only prescribed iron supplements for now.

Higgs2_4 (42).jpg

As soon as Hadron returned home from work, Alice took him aside in the bedroom to tell him the news. Hadron clutched his hands. The fact that she wanted to speak to him in private worried him.

Hadron: Is everything alright?

Alice: I'm fine, a little anemic, but otherwise fine. We're going to have a baby!

Higgs2_4 (43).jpg

Hadron: Oh no, wait a second. I thought you took care of that?

Alice: Well, I guess they grew back. Is there a problem?

Higgs2_4 (44).jpg

Hadron: Of course not. However, it is a little shocking.

Alice: Good! Let's not tell the kids just yet though. Because of my age, there's a fairly high chance that I could miscarry early on, so I'd like to wait until we're in the clear before making any big announcements.

Higgs2_4 (45).jpg

He felt a little bad about it, but Hadron found it hard to share his wife's enthusiasm.

Hadron: I can't believe we're going to be starting over again. Haddie's almost a teenager now; soon our kids will be having kids of their own. I was kind of looking forward to an early retirement.
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