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The Higgs - Ch. 3



Atlas: Hey Justin, wanna go to McDonald's with us?

Justin: Nah, I gotta fix my computer. The damn CD drive went out on me again.

Atlas: Uhh, your parents let you smoke?

Justin: They're so wrapped up in their own lives. Besides, Nawaaf, our butler, isn't going to say anything.

Atlas: Ummm, kay. That's a pretty nasty habit though.


Justin wanted to go more than anything, but he sometimes felt like they were making fun of him.

Justin (sarcastically to himself): Hrmph, and didn't I have cooties too?


Jacqueline: Check it out, this jerk tried picking me up when I worked at Desprit Duds & Dreads. I mean, he's not bad looking, but still. It's the principle. I dunno, maybe I was a little hard on him.


Atlas: Katrina! You made it.


Katrina: Nuh, uh, uh... I felt that, Mr. Grabby!


Jacqueline: She's crazy.

Zoe: Don't look now, but here she comes.


Seamus: Smack my ass and call me Sally, Ronald.

Atlas: Ha ha, very funny.


Seamus: Mind if I join you?

Katrina: You better not try anything. Your brother is already on my shitlist.

Seamus: I promise.


Atlas joined in, seizing the opportunity to grab Katrina's hand while giving them a push. Katrina was not amused.


Atlas took a quiet moment in the restroom to beat himself up over his actions.

Atlas: God, I'm so stupid. I'll be lucky if she even talks to me again.


Everyone ate their burgers in silence.

Katrina: Guys, I have to fess up about it. I think you're both adorable, but...

Seamus: Ahhh, here it comes... "But, I think of you as just friends", right?


Katrina: No, it's not that. Just hear me out for a sec.

Seamus: Look, unlike my brother, I can take a hint.

Katrina: Wait... what?


Seamus: We should be going anyway. It looks like the Geritol crowd is here now.


As the party broke up, Katrina decided to do a quick "drive-by" at the counter on her way out.


Katrina: Maybe this was a little too forward, huh? Heh, heh.

Zoe and Jacqueline, the dutiful employees, just ignore her.


The following morning, Alice showed Haddie a real example in potty training, and it finally clicked.


While Alice got ready for the day, Hadron entertained Haddie with a game of Peek-A-Boo. Haddie was really taken by surprise, this was perhaps the first time she had seen her dad without his glasses on!


Hadron: I need to go to the lab tonight. Do you boys have any big plans for this evening?


Seamus: Oh yeah, our black books are just filled to the brim.

Atlas: I think Seamus has a date with Ronald McDonald. *snickers*

Hadron: Alright, I'll have you two watch Haddie then. I hate to call Nerissa on such short notice, especially during the weekend.


Everyday Alice and Hadron go out to this tree together for "their time". It's really sweet.

Alice: Ronnie, why do you need the boys to watch Haddie? I'll be home.


Hadron: I was hoping you would come with. Afterall, I might need an assistant. *raises brow*


Later, at Simsanto Aspirational Laboratories.

Alice: Are you sure it's alright for me to be here?

Hadron: As the 'Chairman Of the Science Dept. at Simstate University', I'm entitled to bring whomever I wish. Did you bring your camera by any chance?


Before getting down to business, Hadron brushes up on his surgical skills.


What the heck?


Hadron: [doing his best Hamburglar impression] Robble, robble, robble...


Meanwhile, back at the homestead, Atlas decides to add some RAM to his old Moneywell computer. You would think that they would have better electronics, being how tech savvy their father is. Perhaps, he just wanted to raise them frugally.


That didn't go so well. Let's just hope there's something to the whole "twin bond" and Seamus will hear or feel something, and come to his rescue.


Feeling like a shell of himself, Atlas slumped down into his chair and breathed a sigh of relief. It was a shocking experience, but, he survived!


Atlas: Hey, I remember this story!

Seamus: Feel free to take over.


While Seamus put away the storybooks, Atlas taught Haddie a nursery rhyme. The two became best friends, which is kind of ironic, considering how he used to feel about Haddie.


Atlas was beat, and called it an early night. To keep Haddie distracted, Seamus showed her a picture of himself from when he was a child.

Seamus: Soon, you're going to be this big too.

I don't think she really grasped what he meant by "this big.


Seamus: [jokingly] That is, if you live long enough, muhahahaha! Do you trust me? Huh, huh?


Sometimes siblings do some downright jerky things when nobody's looking.


Haddie, not knowing fear yet, got a kick out of it, and they too were best friends.


It was getting late, and all that playing really wore little Haddie out. So, Seamus put her down for the night.


Back at the lab, Jace from Simsanto Inc. shows Hadron the Biotech Station. Hadron gets right to work, as his main purpose for visiting tonight was to test out his antidote for the Lufay virus that's been sweeping across Belladonna Cove.


First, Hadron must infect himself with the virus. Bottoms up!


Hadron coughs and wheezes, this was much worse than he had expected. Maybe he wasn't supposed to take the entire vial? Will this be the end for our aspiring mad scientist?


Still feeling a bit woozy, Hadron concocts the medicine.


He looks over his data one more time, and hopes for the best.


It was success! This marks a major turning point in modern medicine, and his career.

The news makes front page headlines!
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