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The Higgs - Ch. 4



The Higgs really couldn't have asked for a better nanny. In a ddition to keeping the kids well fed, Nerissa is constantly trying to make them happy, or lend helpful advice.


She may be a bit outspoken at times, but she means well. Unfortunately, her good intentions aren't always well received.

Crazy neighbor lady: Listen up grandma... If I wanted advice I'd have asked for it; I didn't. So, STFU & MYOB!

Nerissa wasn't sure what all those letters stood for, but judging from the tone, it didn't sound good.


The family truckster was starting to break down more than it ran, and with the boys getting older, they didn't need such a big vehicle anymore. He hated to do it, but, Hadron finally bit the bullet and got a new car.

Hadron: Well, here it is. What do you think?

Alice: Shiny!


Hadron: What do you say we uhh, take it for a test drive and go out on the town tonight?

Alice: Ohhh, like a date? Gosh, I can't remember the last time we've been able to get away and do something fun like that. You know, without having the kids tag along or it being work related.


Hadron: Nerissa, I need to speak with you.

Nerissa: I know, you probably heard about the incident on the playground earlier. Young people, they tend to think us older folk are all crazy. But, we were once young too.

Hadron: Actually, I was going to ask if you could work a little later tonight. I wanted to take Alice out, and the boys seem to have their own agenda.

Atlas: Pee ew, Haddie's stinky.


Seamus did indeed have his own agenda.

Seamus: So, Debbie, I take it you like anime?


Seamus: Atlas, you gotta help me! I don't know what to say to this girl?

Atlas: Hey, I haven't had the best of luck myself in that department. Remember Katrina? Hey, how about Jacqueline?

Nerissa: I told you earlier, you've got to charm her. Oh, I don't know why I even bother anymore, nobody ever listens to me.


Seamus: Gun DAM, you are FINE girl! Get it? Gundam... as in Bandai?

Debbie: Ugh, that was bad.


Atlas has really taken to his role as a big brother.

Atlas: How can such a SMALL child make such a HUGE mess?


Atlas put Haddie down for a nap so he could take a quick shower. She wasn't tired though.


Seamus thought up a clever plan to impress Debbie. It was a little off-color, but he thought she might find it cute.

Seamus: *pfffft* Hey, somebody farted. Let's get outta here!

Debbie (to herself): What a nerd.


The skunk thought it was funny though, and he couldn't have picked a better candidate!


Uh oh, looks like Atlas broke the shower again. Haddie thought this was way better than the garden sprinkler. Not only was it inside, but it was warm too.


Hadron discovers the mess while getting ready to go out, and safely puts Haddie out of harm's way.


This place is becoming a money pit, things keep breaking left and right. It's a good thing Hadron likes to tinker.


Or does he?


The boys met up with their friends, Justin and Katrina, at the skating rink. Let's hope they can control their hormones this time.


As brothers are often competitive, Atlas challenged Seamus to a race. He was in the lead too, until they suspiciously knocked wheels and ended up falling on their asses.


In the men's room, Atlas shares a dirty joke with Justin.

Atlas: ...and that's how Harry Potter learned to tame his dragon.


Seamus: Uhh, what's going on?

Atlas: Ah nothing, we're just messin' around.


Seamus couldn't help but feel like he had just walked in on something though.

Atlas: Aren't you going to use the bathroom?

Seamus: Actually, I forgot why I came in here now.


He couldn't put his finger on it, but he felt like something had changed about his brother. They used to be so close, and now it was like he hardly knew him.


All that skating was tiring, everyone was famished.

Justin: Oh, and could I get some clarified butter with my lobster, please?

Waitor: Sorry, kid, this ain't Sea Galley.


Justin: Hey, did your brother seem a little weird to you back in the bathroom?

Atlas: Nah, he's always weird.

Katrina: How can you eat that thing? It looks like a giant bug!


Meanwhile, Hadron and Alice enjoy a nice meal together at the Green Man pub.

Alice: Oh, Hadron, this place is so romantic. It looks a little pricey though.


Hadron: Don't worry about it. We don't get a chance to go out very often. Besides, I got a pretty sizable bonus.

Alice: I was just saying, for the price you pay, they could at least give bigger portions, or include a salad.


After the bill arrived...

Alice: [thinking] And, I'm still hungry.


Inside the bar, Hadron gets his drink on.


Both feeling a good buzz now, Alice starts in about work.

Alice: I just don't understand why I didn't get that promotion? They said they loved my story.

Hadron: [thinking] She's so cute when she gets all worked up about her job.


In an attempt to divert her attention away from work, Hadron asked Alice to dance.

Hadron: Come on, they're playing our song!


With so much going on, nobody seemed to notice the unsavory charlatan duping the bartender out of his tips. Or, is that a winning scratch ticket?


Alice: What's wrong? Who do you suddenly need to call?

Hadron: The police! Didn't you see that guy steal the bartender's tips?


It looks like the hero business is a big turn on for Alice!


Waiting patiently for everyone to return, little Haddie had fallen asleep by the stairs. The boys came back first, so big brother Atlas carried her up to bed. On the way up, he glanced over at the image of the devious little kid he used to be, thinking back to a simpler time.


The following day, Alice got her sought after promotion to 'Magazine Editor'. While Alice basks in her glory, the crazy neighbor guy admires Hadron for his hard work and achievements.

Crazy neighbor guy: Hey, I saw you in the paper. Something about you finding the cure for the Lufay virus. Way to go, man!


Crazy neighbor guy: Well, if it isn't my lucky day. Not only do we have our famous scientist here, but his lovely hot shot journalist of a wife too.

Alice: Oh please, this is all so overwhelming.

Hadron: You don't look well. Why don't you go and lie down?


Alice was so buzy with her new promotion that she skipped lunch, and the diner she had the night prior was less than filling. She made it as far as the landing right outside the bedroom door before she collapsed. Atlas heard her fall to the floor, and ran out to help.

Atlas: Oh God, no... please... no... this can't be happening!!!


The Grim Reaper arrived, and agreed to play a game of chance with Atlas. If he could guess which hand the orb of life was in, her soul would be spared.

Atlas: This is ridiculous! I can't believe my mom's life is depending on this stupid game. I can't do this... I just can't .


He went with his gut feeling, and guessed it right.

Atlas: Right on, I defeated death!


The Grim Reaper lived up to his bargain and restored Alice's life. Poor little Haddie, she unknowingly had wanted to follow her mom, and sat beside her body all throughout the ordeal. She must have had a feeling something was going on though, because she started singing "Following the Leader" as soon as her mom returned. Atlas was ashamed to admit it, but he couldn't help but think that the Grim Reaper posing like that would make a great album cover!


Haddie thought his scythe looked pretty cool too.


Atlas was full of questions, but Alice was feeling a little out of sorts at the moment.


She didn't seem like herself at all, but she had been through a lot in one day. All she wanted to do was to sit down and collect her thoughts... distraction free.


After the kids went to bed, the two lovebirds cuddled under their favorite tree. Alice gazed longingly at the stars, as if she were seeing them for the very first time. Somehow everything had taken on a whole new meaning, and that damned promotion seemed so petty now.

Hadron: I really don't know what I would have done without you. You mean the world to me.
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