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The Higgs - Gen 2.6



The school year had finally come to a close. One by one, the students were trickling out, eager to breathe life outside of the campus again.

Anders: I hear your mom is having another baby. You know what that means, don't you?

Atlas: That we'll never really know our youngest sibling?

Higgs_2_6 (2).jpg

Anders: It means your parents still have sex!

Seamus: Uhhh, yeah, I guess.

Atlas: And, how old are we here?

Higgs_2_6 (3).jpg

Anders: I'm just teasin', congratulations to the big bro.

Seamus: Heh, thanks. I'm having some mixed feelings about it.

Anders: If I don't see you before tomorrow, have fun on your trip.

Higgs_2_6 (4).jpg

No matter how much time you have before a trip, there's always some last minute shopping to do. In this case, everyone decided to splurge on some new outfits.

Atlas: I was thinking about wearing a sweater on the plane instead of a jacket.

Lainey: I'd go with something a little more lightweight, it's going to be hot once we land.

Higgs_2_6 (5).jpg

Seamus: Check it out, it's just like that outfit I had in high school.

Justin: Hmm... lose the shorts.

Higgs_2_6 (6).jpg

Seamus: I like the shorts.

Justin: They're geeky. Go change, and I'll find you some better ones.

Higgs_2_6 (7).jpg

Seamus: Ok guys, how's this for an improvement? Yes, no, too much?

Lainey: Looking good. I'm going to head back to the dorm now. Tomorrow's going to come soon enough, and I really don't want to be up all night packing.

Atlas: Don't you already have that shirt?

Higgs_2_6 (8).jpg

Justin: I like it. It says - I'm on vacation, but I still want to look nice.

Atlas: I was thinking of layering it with a T-shirt, so I can take it off if it gets too hot.

Justin: Smart thinking.

Higgs_2_6 (9).jpg

Lance: Shit! He's already checking out. I was hoping I could talk to him.

Higgs_2_6 (10).jpg

Atlas: I'll take this, and whatever the guy with the black hair is getting too.

Clerk: The guy in the yellow shirt?

Lance: That's it, I give up. He's probably better bot knowing anyhow.

Higgs_2_6 (11).jpg

Lance: You'll never guess who I ran into at the store, Justin and Atlas.

Candice: Did you talk to Atlas?

Lance: No, there's never a good time to tell someone that their spouse is cheating on them.

He then tickled his sister to help lighten the mood a little, and get her off his back.

Higgs_2_6 (12).jpg

Candice: I'm serious, you've got to tell him! Atlas doesn't deserve to bbe treated like this.

Lance: Alright, I'll head over to their dorm.

Higgs_2_6 (13).jpg

Atlas: I'm surprised to see you here.

Lance: I saw you guys leaving H&M, so I thought I'd swing by for an SSX whoop-down.

Higgs_2_6 (14).jpg

Atlas: Whoohoo... whoa...

Higgs_2_6 (15).jpg

Veda: Game's over. I saw you looking at my ass, you jerk.

Atlas: [to himself] You wish.

Higgs_2_6 (16).jpg

Lance: Want to start up a new game?

Atlas: Nah, maybe Justin will though.

Higgs_2_6 (17).jpg

Atlas went up to the dorm, just as Justin was logging off the internet.

Justin: I can't seem to find anything about this island we're going to. No reviews, no hotels, no restaurants, nothing. It's weird.

Higgs_2_6 (18).jpg

Atlas: Don't worry, we'll be staying at the research center. My dad used to go there a lot while he was an intern at the lab.

Higgs_2_6 (19).jpg

Atlas: He even gave me this old postcard. It's probably all hush-hush because of the research facility.

Higgs_2_6 (20).jpg

Lance: Ooh, chips. Mind if I join you?

Justin: Go right ahead.

Lance: I hardly ever see you guys anymore. Anything new happening around here?

Higgs_2_6 (21).jpg

Justin: Well, we're leaving on vacation tomorrow to Wanmami Island, for our anniversary. We're all going actually, Seamus is bringing Lainey.

Lance: So, how are you and Atlas holding up through Uni?

Higgs_2_6 (22).jpg

Justin: [nodding] We're good.

Lance: Really?

Higgs_2_6 (23).jpg

Lance: Because, I saw you and Simon at Merlotte's awhile back, and I could have sworn you were together.

Justin clenched his jaw and stared at Lance in disbelief.

Higgs_2_6 (24).jpg

Lance: You probably didn't notice, but I walked right by you. Twice, in fact.

Higgs_2_6 (25).jpg

Anders: I see you, checking out the scenery, and I ain't talking about the painting. Har har!

Atlas: She's in my art class. Besides, I'm married, you know that.

Anders: Come on, you still look though, right?

Higgs_2_6 (26).jpg

Atlas: Hey, it's getting late, I think I'm going to head on up to bed.

Lance: If you ever need anything, or just someone to talk to at 4AM, don't hesitate to call.

Atlas: Uh, sure. Thanks.

Lance: [lowering his voice] I mean it.

Higgs_2_6 (27).jpg

Elaine: You're not still on probation, are you? I really hope to see you again in the fall.

Seamus: Yeah, I'm done with that now. I'll be back.

Lainey: [to herself] Hmm, I wonder what she's getting at?

Higgs_2_6 (28).jpg

Just as the last of the luggage went out, it started to rain.

Atlas: That looks like the last of it.

Higgs_2_6 (29).jpg

Lainey: The shuttle will be here any minute. I suggest using the bathroom, while you still can.

Justin: Fuck that, I'm having a cigarette while I still can. You can take a piss on the plane, can't exactly smoke though.

Higgs_2_6 (30).jpg

Seamus: So, I get to see them carry on like this for the next two weeks straight? Lucky me.

Higgs_2_6 (31).jpg

Nearing the end of her pregnancy, Alice felt compelled to redo the dining area before the baby arrived. For as tired and worn out as she was at the beginning, her body now seemed to be making up for it tenfold.

Alice: Hadron, why don't you call the boys before they leave for vacation?

Higgs_2_6 (32).jpg

Hadron: Atlas, I just wanted to wish you a safe trip. We... We love you, boys.

Higgs_2_6 (33).jpg

Atlas: You know what, the shuttle just pulled up. I gotta go. Love you too, dad.

Higgs_2_6 (34).jpg

Alice: That was quick.

Hadron: He couldn't talk, the shuttle was there.

Higgs_2_6 (35).jpg

Hadron: You need to take it easy it here. I don't want you to overdo it.

Alice: I'm fine. It's just that whole "nesting" thing. It's perfectly normal.

Hadron: It's not just you I'm worried about here though.

Higgs_2_6 (36).jpg

Seamus: Got the plane tickets? Driver's license?

Atlas: Yes, yes. You've already asked.

Higgs_2_6 (37).jpg

Airports always feel cold and uninviting, and the barricades don't really help the ambiance.

Clerk: Sir, you have to go around the ropes.

Atlas: You're kidding me. There's hardly anyone else here.

Higgs_2_6 (38).jpg

Clerk: I'm sorry, but we now require a $25 service fee for your first checked bag, and $35 for each additional bag thereafter.

Seamus: This is ridiculous! You're going to charge me for my bag, then load the cargo full of sandbags because no one wants to check their bags in anymore. Seriously, you should be paying us for using our luggage as ballast.

Higgs_2_6 (39).jpg

Clerk: Will you be checking both bags? Just so you know, all liquids must be under 3 oz., and be contained within a quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag.

Justin: Oh, you're such a bad boy, trying to sneak on toiletries without a protective bag.

Higgs_2_6 (40).jpg

Seamus and Lainey decided to sit down and take a breather before trudging through the security checkpoints.

Seamus: I think our plane just pulled in. We should probably head over to our gate now.

Higgs_2_6 (41).jpg

There was still a considerable length of time to kill before boarding the plane.

Seamus: Maybe I should get some money out for drinks and stuff on the plane. I could probably use a good stiff drink right about now, to help relax a little.

Lainey: I don't think they accept cash, Seamus.

Higgs_2_6 (42).jpg

Lainey: First class is boarding, it won't be long now.

Higgs_2_6 (43).jpg

"Zone 4 is now boarding for flight 815 from Sim City to the Simoleon Islands. There's some menacing clouds overhead, umbrellas will be available at the stairwell for your convenience."

Atlas: What the hell do we need umbrellas for?

Justin: It's an economy flight. We're boarding on the tarmac.

Higgs_2_6 (44).jpg

Justin was right, but the rain clouds cleared, so the umbrellas were no longer necessary.

Lainey: We're supposed to stay on this side of the cones, guys.

Atlas: I see my luggage. I wonder if they'd notice if I grabbed my bag?

Higgs_2_6 (45).jpg

Once you hit the boarding area, you suddenly realize... you are officially on vacation.

Lainey: So long Crystal Springs... hello Simoleon Islands!

Higgs_2_6 (46).jpg

Justin: Are you asleep?

Atlas: Just trying to relax.

Justin: Want to become a member of the mile high club?

Higgs_2_6 (47).jpg

Quietly, they crept out of their seats.

Atlas: [whispering] Oh, yeah, and we're not being obvious or anything.

Higgs_2_6 (48).jpg

Justin: They say that the bathrooms are the dirtiest areas on a plane.

Atlas: Sounds perfect for what we're about to do then.

Higgs_2_6 (49).jpg

Justin and Atlas bring a whole new meaning to earning your wings.

Higgs_2_6 (50).jpg

Morning came, and no one felt like they had slept at all.

Seamus: This show sucks. It's probably too late to pay for a movie now though.

Lainey: I have a better idea. Meet me in the bathroom in a few minutes.

Higgs_2_6 (51).jpg

Seamus wasn't sure what Lainey had up her sleeve, but from the looks of it, she didn't have any sleeves on whatsoever.

Seamus: [nervous] Oh my God, what's happening?

Lainey: Relax, it's just a little turbulence. It'll be fun.

Higgs_2_6 (52).jpg

“The captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign, please return to your seats, fasten your seat belts, and remain seated until it has been turned off.”

Higgs_2_6 (53).jpg

Justin: Oh my God, we're going down!

Higgs_2_6 (54).jpg

Seamus: What are you doing? You're supposed to be in your seat!

Atlas: We were wondering where the hell you went off to!

"Attention, all passengers. Please remain in your seat, with your seatbelts on,
as we prepare for an emergency landing."

Higgs_2_6 (55).jpg

Solveig: Ow, this thing just hit me in the head.

Allyn: Why God, why?

Dave: Woohoo, this is better than a ride at Disneyland!

Higgs_2_6 (56).jpg

Drew: We stopped. Dude, did we just land?

Seamus: It appears so.

Higgs_2_6 (57).jpg

After gathering her clothing, a frazzled and sore Lainey made her way back to her seat.

Higgs_2_6 (58).jpg

Lainey: I really got thrown around in there. I think I threw my back out when I hit the toilet.

Higgs_2_6 (59).jpg

"The plane has successfully landed. You may remove your seat belts at this time, but please remain seated while we prepare to evacuate."

LiAnn: Can I a get a refund?

Seamus: Were you in the bathroom that whole time?

Lainey nodded.

Higgs_2_6 (60).jpg

"To ensure a safe landing, all luggage contained in the cargo hold has been ejected. Forms will be passed out for those who wish to file a claim. We will begin evacuation shortly."

Atlas: No, this isn't happening.

Justin: Man, you should have just ditched your toiletries and brought your carry-on bag.

Higgs_2_6 (61).jpg

Seamus: They lost our luggage? What the hell am I supposed to wear?

Lainey: Don't worry, we'll find a store or something.

Solveig: Who cares, at least we're alive.

Higgs_2_6 (62).jpg

Between the crash and the lack of any real sleep, Seamus was on edge, and finally broke down inside the cabin.

Seamus: I shouldn't have agreed to come on this stupid trip.

Lainey: Settle down, it's not the end of the world.

Seamus: I wanna go home!

Higgs_2_6 (63).jpg

Justin: Now what do we do? Wait for Seamus to finish with his freak out?

Atlas: That would take a lifetime.
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  • Still stranded after all these years...

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