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The Higgs - Gen 2.7


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After experiencing a harrowing emergency landing while en route to Wanmami Island, the gang disembarked via the flotation chute. They found themselves within a tropical rain forest, and apparently alone.

Atlas: Where the fuck did everyone go?

Seamus: Chill! It's not like they're going to leave without us... (mumbling) and, you think I freak out?

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An electrical fire had started in the kitchen upon landing, and quickly began spreading throughout the interior of the plane.

Justin: I looked for your carry on... but, I was afraid I'd get trapped in there. (cough) I tried to put out the flames with a blanket.

Lainey: Did you happen to see if there was a fire extinguisher anywhere?

Atlas: I'll go look for one.

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Justin: I don't think that's a very smart idea.

Atlas: It's that, or risk having entire plane explode. What do you think is going to happen once a fuel line goes?

Justin: That's what I'm afraid of.

CS_Higgs27 (5).jpg

Inside the cockpit was a fire extinguisher, inside it contained a small ax. By late afternoon, this had already proved to be quite useful.

Atlas: Justin and I rigged up a shower with some bamboo and a water jug. He's washing up now. (laughs) Looks you might need to as well, if that new friend of yours keeps hanging around.

CS_Higgs27 (6).jpg

Justin: Cool, filtered water, trickling down like a spring rain. God, this even is better than the dorm.

CS_Higgs27 (7).jpg

Justin: There's something enlightening, even empowering, about shedding your inhibitions and becoming one with nature.

CS_Higgs27 (8).jpg

Lainey: Why don't you get a fire started? I'm sure you've got a lighter.

Justin: Actually, I don't, since you can't bring them on planes. But, I'll see what I can do. I could really go for a smoke right about now anyway.

CS_Higgs27 (9).jpg

While the rest of the crew scouted up food, Justin set up a small fire pit. Rain clouds loomed overhead and started to sprinkle.

Justin: This does not look promising.

CS_Higgs27 (10).jpg

Gripping a couple of small rocks, he attempted to start a fire before an out and out storm broke out.

Justin: Come on, don't rain on me now.

CS_Higgs27 (11).jpg

While he did manage to strike up a few small sparks, the damp weather just wouldn't permit it.

Justin: No. You bastard!

CS_Higgs27 (12).jpg

Exhausted and unfazed by the warm, tropical showers coming down, Lainey plunked herself right down on the raft and took a nap.

CS_Higgs27 (13).jpg

Being alone in a dark and unfamiliar territory, made everyone a little jumpy come nightfall. Even the slightest noise sent them all into a panic.

Seamus: It's just a bat.

Lainey: A WHAT?!

Justin: I'll try starting up that fire again. It should help keep the wildlife away, or at least give us some white noise anyway.

CS_Higgs27 (14).jpg

Atlas: I'll go get the food. I think I saw some meals inside the airplane cooler. We might as well eat them up while we can.

Lainey: [relieved] I think I'll join you.

CS_Higgs27 (15).jpg

Unsure of their strange surroundings, a second fire was built closer to their camp. This way, no would be beyond earshot should something, or someone, decide to creep out of the woods.

Justin: Don't tell me I have to do this every time I want to have a goddamned cigarette! This is going to get old real quick.

CS_Higgs27 (16).jpg

Seamus: I'm just going to finish up this log, that way we'll have firewood first thing in the morning.

Justin: Heh, morning wood?

Seamus: I should've known you would go there.

CS_Higgs27 (17).jpg

Seamus had almost forgotten about the events that had happened prior to the crash. In a rare moment of male bonding, and since they had some time to kill, he decided to tell Justin all about it.

Seamus: ... so she told me to meet her in the bathroom... and there she was... completely naked...

Justin: Did'ya bang her?

Atlas: So that's what you were off doing on the plane?

CS_Higgs27 (18).jpg

Seamus: ... well, that's when the seatbelt alert went off, and talk about saved by the bell... I think she wanted to do it right there, in the bathroom...

CS_Higgs27 (19).jpg

Justin: Why not? (whispering) We did.

CS_Higgs27 (20).jpg

Seamus: Yeah, well... I didn't want my first time, I mean, our first time... to be inside a public restroom. Come on, now.

CS_Higgs27 (21).jpg

Atlas: [poking his brother] Girlfriend alert! You might want to shut up.

CS_Higgs27 (22).jpg

Lainey: I've been thinking, I really think we should stay close to the plane, just in case someone come by.

CS_Higgs27 (23).jpg

Atlas: [sarcastically] While the rotting food from the cooler attracts wild animals, who also want to eat us. Brilliant.

Lainey: Think about it, the plane will be the first place that anyone checks, and they'll have to inspect the wreckage sooner or later.

CS_Higgs27 (24).jpg

Atlas: [sharply] So, how's the fish?

Lainey: It's a bit dry.

CS_Higgs27 (25).jpg

Justin: Score! We're eating the first class meals... for free.

CS_Higgs27 (26).jpg

Lainey's back muscles were really starting to cramp up from the crash, possibly more than she cared to admit.

CS_Higgs27 (27).jpg

After Lainey decided to call it a night, the boys got right back to business.

Justin: Tell me, Seamus. Are you still a virgin, by any chance?

Atlas: Not cool.

CS_Higgs27 (28).jpg

Seamus: I just really want it to be special. You know?

Atlas: What about that night with Jacki, when you guys got naked?

CS_Higgs27 (29).jpg

Seamus: Strip poker. That's all it was.

Justin: The fire's going out. We should probably try and get some rest.

CS_Higgs27 (30).jpg

Utilizing the resources they had, this is where the group would call home for the time being.

CS_Higgs27 (31).jpg

Their friend, Mr. Stinky Skunk himself, returned bright and early.

CS_Higgs27 (32).jpg

While Seamus and Atlas were on breakfast duty, Justin and Lainey found creative ways to bide their time.

Justin: The lean-to's will be our goal posts. Ready?

CS_Higgs27 (33).jpg

Seamus: What's that smell? Justin, I think you need to take another shower. Peew!

Justin: You've got that fire going already?

CS_Higgs27 (34).jpg

From the words of Smokey the Bear, "Remember... only YOU can prevent forest fires". Poor ol' Stinky Skunk, he doesn't even know the danger.

CS_Higgs27 (35).jpg

It's a good thing Justin's nicotine craving hit right at that moment. Or, maybe I spoke too soon.

Justin: I think I'll go get a mango and come back later, when he's gone.

CS_Higgs27 (36).jpg

Justin: Holy shit! These mangos are almost as big as my head. Just imagine how much they would cost at the grocery store?

CS_Higgs27 (37).jpg

Well, it looks like Seamus finally got what was coming to him after all, Justin too for that matter. That should teach them both a lesson.

CS_Higgs27 (38).jpg

Seamus: What the hell? You hardly even got sprayed. Don't you think you could have waited a few minutes? Geez.

Justin: [gasping for air] Sorry, man.

CS_Higgs27 (39).jpg

Seamus: I am outside, and naked. I feel so liberated.

CS_Higgs27 (40).jpg

Lainey didn't want to let on that she was in pain. After all, they were damn lucky just to be alive, and they all had to pull together now. Seamus, however, could tell that something was wrong.

Seamus: Are you sure you're ok?

CS_Higgs27 (41).jpg

Lainey: I'm fine. Oh, just a little further down... ohhh... right there.

Seamus: You're a terrible liar. You know that?

CS_Higgs27 (42).jpg

Before heading out in search of help, or for the rest of the crew, Atlas made a final round throughout the plane for non-perishable food and supplies.

Atlas: Ok, I've got my carry on, and that's about it. It looks like everyone else grabbed their stuff before they left.

Justin: Show off!

CS_Higgs27 (43).jpg

Seamus: I take it, you're still dead set on staying behind with the plane?

Lainey: Mmm, hmm.

CS_Higgs27 (44).jpg

Seamus: I don't feel right about leaving you behind though.

Lainey shook her head softly. She was scared, but she also felt that it was too dangerous to leave behind their only hope of being rescued.

CS_Higgs27 (45).jpg

Before anyone could comprehend what was going on, a man, who appeared to be dressed in native attire, had crept up behind them. He then levitated Atlas's bag into thin air, and proceeded to leave.

CS_Higgs27 (46).jpg

Atlas caught up to the man, and tried to reason with him.

Justin: I don't think he can understand a word you're saying.

CS_Higgs27 (47).jpg

The man pickup up the bag and promptly sat down inside one of their shelters in protest.

Justin: Now what?

Seamus: Let him have it?

CS_Higgs27 (48).jpg

Justin: You bet, I'm going to let him have it all right! I have a full carton of cigarettes in there, and to hell if I'm going to let him leave with them.

While everyone tried to hold Justin back, the man quietly vanished into the woods with the bag.

CS_Higgs27 (49).jpg

As they started to descend on their journey for help, Lainey appeared to have a change of heart. Staying together seemed like the sensible thing to do now. Who knows, maybe the rest of the crew is down at the beach, sipping cocktails?

Lainey: I've changed my mind. I'm going with you.

Justin: Welcome back, Lainey.

CS_Higgs27 (50).jpg

Lainey: I think there's water below that cliff. If so, we can come back for the raft and sail away for help. I have a feeling that Wanmami Island might be closer than we think.
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