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The Higgs - Ch. 7



Everything was going swimmingly for Seamus and Kathy, and soon his prom invitation had developed into a steady relationship with her. Matching sweaters and all.


Haddie had taken to spying on them, giggling at their silly antics.


Sometimes she gets a little carried away though, and forgets to pay attention to what she was initially doing.


Seamus: I'm sure you remember Kathy, from school. We're going out now.

Kathy: It's nice to officially meet you, Atlas.


It was starting to seem like they were joined at the lips these days.

Seamus: Atlas! Can't you watch TV upstairs? Geez, give us a little privacy, why don't you?


Atlas picked up Justin, and headed over to Deprit Duds & Dreads to look for something to wear to prom.

Atlas: Ok, how about this one?

Justin: Hmm, I dunno.


Justin: How's it goin' in there? Need any help?

Atlas: Nah, I'm good.


Atlas: Ok, check it out! It's kind of formal, but without looking too planned, if you know what I mean?

Justin: Hmmm...


Justin: I think we should look somewhere else, this isn't exactly the kind of store that carries anything too fancy. Maybe go somewhere a little nicer, like up in my neighborhood.

Atlas: I dunno, I kinda like it.


The following day, Atlas congratulated Seamus on finally getting a real girlfriend.

Seamus: Thanks, sorry about kicking you out of the room last night. Where did you go anyway?

Atlas: [lying] Eh, it's alright, I went and played pool with Justin.

Hadron: Hey, the headmaster is coming over later, and your mother and I need to go pick up a few things at the grocery store. Did you boys want to tag along?


Thinking ahead, Alice went ahead and withdrew some money for the school admittance fees at
the cash machine.


Hadron: Do you think we'll need a cart or just a basket?

Alice: A basket should be fine.


The boys were thoroughly bored, and decided to have a dance off outside. Atlas had some slick moves.


But overall, Seamus was a little more in shape, and won on that accord.


Short on time, Alice rounded up the boys while Hadron paid at the checkstand.


Alice got dressed and started on dinner, she was a little unsure about the quick-cook turkey though.

Alice: I certainly hope this will be done in time, and doesn't make him sick, or give him worms or anything.


Haddie made a new friend, Sophia, from the private school Haddie had hoped to attend soon. They kept busy playing on the playground, while Alice and Hadron prepared for the headmaster's visit.


A car oulled up to the curb, and assuming this was the headmaster, Hadron greeted him.

Hadron: St. Julien, was it?


Hadron: [quietly] Funny, I don't recall hearing that name before?

Makoto St. Julien: Guess I still have it afterall!


Being over enthusiastic, Hadron had jumped the gun, while the real headmaster was still inside the car, making a few last minute notations.

Hadron: You'll never guess what just happened. You see, I thought that other guy was you. I mean, he showed up at the same time and...


Headmaster Jones: And, we're both old farts? How very amusing. I heard from headmaster Kim, that your wife gave birth during his visit; a most horrifying experience. I suppose that was Haddie, correct?

Hadron: Yes, yes it was, and I can assure you, no one is pregnant this time.


While Hadron was buzy showing the headmaster inside, Sofia had slipped off the merry-go-round.


Haddie quickly stopped the merry-go-round, but poor Sofia was knocked unconscious.


Haddie panicked! Logic told her to go get help, but doing so could reflect badly upon her family during the headmaster's visit.


Knowing that a life was far more valuable than getting into a fancy school, Haddie reported the incident to her mom, who called for help. Alice wasn't mad, in fact, she was quite proud that her daughter had made such selfless decision. She also thought it might score a few extra points with Makoto St. Julien, whom she too, thought was the headmaster.


Sofia returned home, albeit a bit dazed and sore, but unharmed nonetheless.


Seamus took a few minutes to schmooze with the headmaster before work. Given his age, the headmaster was quite impressed with his work at the hospital.


Atlas, on the other hand, thought he was schmoozing with the headmaster.


The turkey turned out beautifully. Upon finishing, the headmaster turned with a smile and announced Haddie's acceptance.


After his departure, everyone discussed the pitfalls and setbacks of the evening, and how everything could have gone horribly bad, had he had known.


Overjoyed, Haddie was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. Big brother Atlas, read her a bedtime story to help calm her. No sooner had her head had hit the pillow, when she was off in dreamland; dreaming of a "Hogwarts" type school.


The following day, Haddie rushed home to tell everyone about her day.

Atlas: [teasingly] Did'ja see any cute boys at your new school?


Haddie: No, I'm going to marry him [points to Justin], when I grow up!

Justin: Oh, really now?


Justin: Check it out, your brother is totally makin' the moves on Kathy.


Seamus: You two seem awfully comfortable. Why are you sitting on Justin's feet? You know, it looks pretty gay.

Atlas: Well, he wouldn't move them, so, I sat on them.

Justin: [to himself] I wish you would just tell him the truth.


Seamus' wordage really struck a chord with Justin, which sent him reeling into a frenzy.

Justin: WHAT THE FUCK was that supposed to mean? Was that supposed to be an insult? Or, was that supposed to be funny? I know what I am, so, thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Seamus: [chuckling] I didn't mean it like that.


Justin: Oh, and what exactly did you mean then mean? Because, that really offends me. In fact, give me a good reason why I shouldn't knock you flat on your ass right now?

Seamus: Come on, do you really want to hit me?


Atlas: God, why did you have to tell him that?

Justin just shrugged. It felt good to finally let it out, and to stand up to Seamus after all these years.


Kathy took Seamus aside to talk while the air cooled.

Kathy: We're going uptown to go look at formals, do you guys want to come with? Seamus smirked to himself when he saw Justin, but kept a tight lip. Atlas wondered if he suspected anything about his relationship with Justin.


Reluctantly, in an effort to smooth things over, they went with.

Justin: Ok, what about this one?


Seamus: I see you found something? Are you going to prom?

Justin: Nah, I was just thinking about getting this for my graduation party.

Seamus: [quietly] Suuure...


Seamus: How do I look?

Kathy: Like we should be walking down the aisle. Very handsome.


Justin was absolutely beaming when he walked out. Unfortunately, Seamus was present to witness this. Seamus smiled smugly, and proceeded to checkout at the register. Atlas cringed.


Atlas: I really like this. You should get it!

Justin: See, didn't I tell you that we would find better things elsewhere?


Upon their return home, Justin had a quick minute with Atlas before leaving.

Justin: I wouldn't worry about Seamus. Besides, I only told him that I was gay, I didn't say anything about us.

Atlas: Yeah, and you don't think he can put two and two together?

Justin: [brushing a lock of hair away from Atlas' face] We can't hide forever.


Not long after, Hadron returned home from work.

Alice: What the heck are you wearing?


Hadron: [proudly] This, my dear, this is the look of an official mad scientist.

Alice: Oh, honey, you did it; you really did it. I'm so proud of you!


The happy couple decided to take their celebration upstairs into the bedroom.

Hadron: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Alice: Alright, but the mechanical arm has to go!


Hadron: It's my clawwww....
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