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The Higgs: Generation 2 - Chapter 8


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After hauling the bare necessities to their new location on the beach, each member was responsible for setting up their own shelter within their camp.

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Justin had a bit of a struggle pitching his tent. They say that persistence always wins out in the end; however this may be the exception.

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With the beach being highly visible, the crew decided to use this to their advantage. They worked for hours under the blazing hot sun, spelling the word "HELP" in the sand.

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Atlas: I think our work here is about done. Let's break for a few.

Seamus: I dunno, we want to be sure that it's legible. Tighten up your rocks more.

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Exhausted and weak from the harsh effects of the noonday sun, Lainey stood up to admire her handiwork, and nearly collapsed with a massive head rush.

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Lainey: Sorry, but I can't take much more. I'm going to go cool off in the water before I die of heat stroke. No offense, but it's been days since any of us last bathed either.

Scanning over the letters, making sure each rock was carefully in place, Seamus nodded in agreement.

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Justin: Feels more like years to me. I probably look like utter shit right now.

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"Simlish" being the oldest and most universal language, seemed like the logical choice. Big letters scrawled along the beach, you would have to be blind to miss it.

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Since it was only the four of them, alone on a deserted island, Atlas quickly stripped down to his briefs, ready to plunge into the cool, refreshing water.

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While working out the tension in his shoulder, and thinking about what else had to be done, Seamus felt a fish nibbling at his legs. After living off of nothing but fruit for days on end, he wondered if there was a way to go about catching some for dinner.

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Justin: Do you think we could manage to sneak away for a little tangle in the seaweed?

Atlas: Yeah, I don't see why not.

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After failing miserably at catching fish with his bare hands, Seamus found a sharp rock, and crudely whittled down a few sticks to spear fish with.

Atlas: See those bushes around the bend? I'm going to walk over there with this big stick, like I'm hunting or something.

Justin: Why the hell do we have to have a reason, anyway?

Atlas: You know how Seamus is.

Justin" Oh, yeah, the big "V". I think I'm going to start calling him that from now on.

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It wasn't long before Seamus caught his first fish. The poor creature wriggled frantically as he drew the pole out of the water. He wasn't sure if he could do this after all, but as his hunger grew, he persisted to find an even bigger fish.

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Seamus: Hey, why don't you two douchebags stop messing around and come help me catch some fish for tonight. It's not like you're doing anything productive.

Atlas: Actually, we were going to go see if we could hunt... uhh... hunt up some food.

Seamus: You and Justin? Riiight. More like, pole vaulting.

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Atlas: You're the douche! You act like you're running the whole show here now. Who died and made you boss?

Seamus: Someone's gotta do it, or else we'd still be sitting around with our tent rolls, eating mangos.

Justin: Shut up, I see something.

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At that moment, Justin took a stab at a large rock... well, it wasn't really a rock...

Justin: It's a rock lobster!

Seamus glared and muttered something intelligible to himself.

higgs_2_8 (17).jpg

Relaxing on beach after Justin's triumphant catch, the two finally got a moment to themselves.

Justin: Did you see the size of that lobster? Damn thing must have been three feet long. I'm going to grill it up tonight with some coconut, maybe baste it with a little mango. I don't care if we ever go home, this is paradise.

While this was going to be their first real meal in days, Atlas couldn't share Justin's enthusiasm. The glaring fact remained, they were stranded on an island, possibly never to return.

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Atlas: I miss my life, and my parents. I wonder if my mom had the baby yet. I may not ever get a chance to meet this baby even.

Justin thought about his parents disowning him, and his wrong doings that went down back at the campus with Simon. For him, maybe starting over wasn't such a bad thing. Perhaps, this trip, was his silver lining. A second chance.

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Off in the distance, Seamus heard something that could have either been the wind kicking up, or the faint roar of a prop plane. Trying not to get his hopes too high, up the tree he climbed, but there was nothing for as far as the eye could see.

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As the late afternoon sun shed it's golden glow over the island, everyone plunked themselves down in their lean-to's for a short nap before proceeding with dinner.

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Justin: Light already, motherfucker. I'm really getting sick of this shit.

higgs_2_8 (22).jpg

Justin: Oh my God! I'm almost out of cigarettes. I only have three left. What the hell am I going to do now?

Atlas cringed, he knew this day was coming, it was only a matter of time.

higgs_2_8 (23).jpg

With the stress of the daily struggle, and then running out of cigarettes on top of it, Justin finally broke down and sobbed quietly into his hands.

Atlas: You've been doing great rationing them this whole time, it shouldn't be that hard to quit now. It's not like you have a choice anyway.

Justin: Easy for you to say. It's not just that, it's everything. I hate this island! I hate myself! I hate everything right now!

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The more he thought about it, the angrier he grew. With each word, he stomped his feet harder and harder, until he jumped right into the fire pit.

Justin: I... fucking... hate... everything!

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Justin: Holy shit! What did I just do?

Atlas: Please, stop. You've got to calm down.

Seamus: Let him learn his lesson.

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Atlas took Justin aside to comfort and talk some sense into him.

Justin: This place is really starting to get to me. Rubbing rocks together to light a goddamned smoke? Catching fish for dinner with sticks? I'm sick of this survival shit!

Atlas: Just a few hours ago, you were calling it "paradise". You know, some people actually do this stuff for fun. Why don't you go sit by the fire and enjoy that cigarette while you can.

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Lainey: Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Justin: Are you just trying to piss me off?

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"The Sims Broadcasting Network reporting to you live from the flight 815 crash site on Wanmami Island. Rescue workers located a small fire inside the cabin area, which appears to have been smoldering for a significant amount of time. Miraculously, it did not ignite any fuel lines."

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Back in civilization, Alice and Hadron routinely watch the evening news together.

"It still remains unclear what may have have caused the crash. However, all passengers have been transported to a local medical facility for evaluation; no fatal injuries have been reported."

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Alice: Wanmami Island? Isn't that where the boys are vacationing at?

higgs_2_8 (31).jpg

Hadron: It is, but I don't know if that's the flight the boys were on. Relax, they said everyone was fine.

Alice: Relax? You're telling me to relax, while our boys could be laid up in a hospital, on some remote island? Aren't you the least bit concerned about our children?

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Already a week past her due date, the distressing news brought on Alice's contractions.

Hadron: What is it, the baby? A Braxton Hicks contraction?

Alice: Uhm... I think it's time. Call Theresa.

higgs_2_8 (33).jpg

Haddie came running downstairs after hearing all the commotion.

Haddie: Are you guys fighting?

Hadron: I think your mom might be in labor!

Alice: Hadron, will you please call the nanny? I'll be upstairs packing my bag.

higgs_2_8 (34).jpg

Nervously looking for a distraction, something in the dining room caught Alice's eye.

Hadron: I called Theresa. She'll be here in a few minutes.

Alice: Is that ladder new?

higgs_2_8 (35).jpg

Hadron: I couldn't stand seeing you climbing up and down that old rickety one. I suppose I'll be finishing up this room myself now.

Alice: Oh, I think I feel another contraction coming on.

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Bags packed and in the car, Alice and Hadron have a few words with Haddie while they wait for the nanny to arrive.

Hadron: She just pulled up.
Alice: Your dad and I are going to the hospital now. Please, be good for Theresa.

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Hadron: I left my cell, and the hospital number, on the fridge in case you need to contact us. I'll be staying with Alice until the baby arrives. There's two empty beds upstairs in Haddie's room that you're welcome to use, take your pick.

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Before Alice could even make it out the door, Haddie stopped her mom at the stairs.

Haddie: Wait, I want to say something to the baby before you go. Hi little baby, I'm your big sister. Please hurry up so I can meet you. Oh, and don't hurt my mom too much. Ok, I'm done now.

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With each contraction rapidly increasing in both time and intensity, Alice was literally crawling the walls inside the car.

Alice: Oh, my God, Ron! Please, oh my... just drive!

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Hadron: I'll drive as fast as I can. Trust me, I don't want you having that kid inside my new BMW.

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After flying down the road at lightening speed, Hadron managed to make it to the hospital within a matter of minutes.

Hadron: Feeling any better?

Alice: Alight at the moment, until the next contraction hits anyway. I hope it's not too late for an epidural.

Hadron: Oh, come on. You should be used to this by now.

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"Alice Higgs, nurse Jenkins will show you to your room now"

Alice: I'll see you in the delivery room. Please try to get a hold of the boys.
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