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The Higgs - Ch. 8



The date for the end of the year prom had finally arrived. Kathy lived a ways out of town, so she met up with Seamus at his house.

Seamus: Do you think you can stay out late tonight?

Kathy: Yeah, my parents lifted my curfew when I turned 18. All they ask, is that I let them know.

Seamus: Sweet!


Hadron wanted to snap a few pictures, when he realized Atlas was still kicking around in his pajamas.

Hadron: Hey, didn't you ask any girls to the prom?

Atlas: Nah, I don't really like any of the girls at school.


Hadron: Well, maybe you can throw something together and tag along. You never know, there might be some single girls there for you.

Atlas: Eh, I guess.


Seeing the happy couple ham it up for the camera, and having to lie about his own date, really put a damper on Atlas' mood.

Hadron: Come on, Atlas, get in there. It wouldn't kill you to try and at least look happy.

Atlas: This is dumb, I don't see why I have to be in the pictures?


Seamus: We're ready to go.

Atlas: I'll meet you there, I'm going to swing by Justin's and see if he wants to hangout too.

Seamus: Alrighty then, see you there.

Haddie: Is this how you're going to dance with all the girls tonight?

Atlas: I sure hope they don't step on my feet! They'll all be wearing heels.


Justin was all ready, and not a hair out of place. Both of his parents were at work, so he didn't have to go through the whole picture ordeal.

Justin: Look, down here, that's where my parents keep the "Hard A".

Atlas: I dunno, what if they find out?

Justin: Trust me, they never notice.


Holding his breath, Justin took the first swig.

Justin: This tastes like ass!


Justin: You ok? We don't have to go, you know.

Atlas: Yeah, I'm fine.


Much to their dismay, Justin's mother was just arriving home from work and met them on the front walk. Atlas tried his hardest to hold his shit together and look sober.

Cynthia: Where are you two heading out to, all dressed up like that?

Justin: Prom, mom, remember?

Cynthia: Together? Where's your dates?

Justin: We don't have dates.

Cynthia: Back in my day, two guys wouldn't have been caught dead showing up to prom together.

Justin: Well, it's not like that now.


Across the street, Seamus and Kathy pull up to the school.

Kathy: You can kiss me if you want.

But, Seamus was a perfect gentleman, and only gave her a small peck.

Seamus: Let's save some of this for later. If we start now, we'll never make it to prom.


They barely made it through the door when the atmosphere, and their hormones, got the best of them. Love was in the air!


Prom was now in full swing, and the whole gymnasium was hoppin'.

Push it... push it real good...


Finally managing to break away from Justin's mom, Atlas and Justin stumble in.

Atlas: Do you think anyone's gonna notice we're drunk?

Justin: Nah, just play it cool, and try to walk straight.


Seamus: Atlas, you made it!


Atlas: Seamus! God, I love you, man.

Seamus: Have you been drinking?

Atlas: Maybe... a little.


Feeling the music, Atlas decided to bust a groove out on the dancefloor.

Kathy: Your brother is stumbling all over the place, is he ok?

Seamus: I guess he was out drinking with Justin. I really don't know why he hangs out with that loser.


Afraid that Atlas might draw too much attention, Justin decided to help his friend onto a bench.

Justin: Easy there, buddy. Let's just watch everyone for awhile.


Atlas: How come you don't seem drunk?

Justin: Oh, I am! this wall is the only thing holding me up right now. I just try not to act like it.


On the way to the ladies room, Kathy ran into Zoe from the clothing store; wearing the same dress.

Zoe: Woot, we're dress twins! Freya's Raiments' clearance rack, baby.

Kathy: I think I'm going to go shoot myself now.


With her doppelganger, Jacqueline, now in tow, the two girls try to tag team Atlas. Once having had a thing for them both, he certainly wasn't complaining.

Justin: Whoa, I bet he's really enjoying this!


They even managed to get him out onto the dancefloor for the next song, leaving poor Justin all alone.

Justin: [thinking to himself] Maybe I should let him go.


Justin couldn't bear to watch any longer. Feeling sorry, Zoe returned to keep him company.

Zoe: Hey, are you ok?

Justin: Yeah, just listening to the music.

Zoe: Care to dance? Jacki is out dancing with your friend.

Justin: Not really... thanks though.

Zoe: Ok, well, if you change your mind, just come and find me.


Then a slower song came on, another 80's hit, and couples were starting to cling to one another. Lance, however, was the life of the party.


Justin found Atlas, and led him out of the building, onto the rooftop corridor.

Atlas: What the hell are we doing up here?

Justin: I love this song, plus, I wanted at least one dance with you.


Atlas: Who is it?

Justin: Simple Minds, you know, from the Breakfast Club.

Atlas: Ohhh...

Justin: [raising a brow] Yeah!

Don't you, forget about me... I'll be alone, dancing. You know it, baby...


Nearing the end of the song, they were cornered by a chaperone.

Chaperone: Sorry to have to break things up, but, you guys can't be up here.

Justin: [argued] The door was unlocked though.

Chaperone: It has to be, for safety purposes. I'm really sorry.

Justin: I understand.


Feeling embarrassed, Atlas rounded up Seamus to tell him that he was leaving. Seamus had been working the dj booth, to relieve the real dj for awhile.

DJ CMS (Seamus): Hang on, I want Kathy to get a picture of us.


Instead, he announced that he and his brother were going to have a breakdancing showdown. Atlas was always up for this, and dancing was good for the soul.


After the dance off, the gang posed for a few group pictures. Best friends forever?


Friendly chit-chat amongst the friends followed, and Katrina had a revelation.

Katrina: Just think, aside from graduation, this might be the last time we're all in the same room together.

Justin: Yeah, but, we'll all stay in touch. I couldn't give a shit about most of these jerkoffs anyway.

Katrina: It's still sad though.


Justin had something to tell Atlas, and drug him outside with him for a smoke. Guess who should follow? None other than the dynamic duo.

Justin: Excuse me, we were trying to have a private conversation here.

Jacqueline: My friend and I were just wondering if you guys wanted to go party with us?

Justin: Thanks, but, we have plans.

Atlas: We do?

Jacqueline: Oh, can we come?

Justin: [ticked off] Sorry.


Checking the doors to adjacent rooms, Justin found the library unlocked.

Atlas: Nice save back there. So, what's this secretive thing you have to tell me?

Justin: I didn't want to say it in front of those two, but I got us a room.


Justin: No pressure, or anything. But, if we're going, I suggest we leave now. You ready?

Atlas: Yeah, I'm more than ready.


As the night dwindled down, Heath Butler not only found his way in, but found Seamus leaving with Kathy.

Heath was ready to take Seamus on, but Seamus laid the smack down.


Heath: I told you to stay away from my girl. I'm going to fucking kill you.

Kathy: Heath, stop! I'm not your girlfriend anymore.


Candice lent her shoulder for Kathy to cry on, and tried to console her.

Kathy: He ruined everything. This night was perfect before he showed up.

Candice: Shhh... it's all right. He's leaving now.


Upset and miserable, Kathy went to the restroom to touch up and regain her composure.


Upon their arrival to the motel, Atlas and Justin made a pitstop by the lobby for some sodas.

Justin: Check it out. Do you see what I see?

Atlas & Justin: [in unison] Old school video games!


And, boys will be boys. Atlas played screen after screen on Centipede, while Justin played quarter after quarter on Tempest.

Justin: Fuckin' A, I swear, this is one is broken or something.
Atlas: Or, you just flat-out suck.

Justin: Wouldn't you like to know?


Justin: [nervously] So, here's our room. I got the biggest one they had. Are you sure about this?

Atlas: I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Justin: Cool, just checking.


As the boys explored the amendities of their room, Seamus and Kathy checked into the lobby.

Bellhop: Must be prom night, huh?

Seamus: Heh, yeah.

Bellhop: I'm going to put you next to your classmates. That way y'all won't keep everyone up with your partying.

Seamus: Oh, were not here to... umm, yeah.


By this time things were getting pretty hot and heavy between Atlas and Justin.

Justin: [in a whisper] I wanted to make this night really special. You have no idea how much I love you.


Next door, the golden boy and his girl settle in and get comfy.

Seamus: What'cha watchin'?

Kathy: Three's Company. It's funny how much of this show went over my head when I was a kid.


Exhausted, and satisfied, the boys promptly drifted off to dreamland.


Seamus: Did you hear that?

Kathy: Sounds like someone's having a good time.

Seamus: No, I think I heard Atlas?


Seamus: Excuse me, for just a sec.

Kathy: Hey, wait! You're not really going to go over there, are you?

Seamus: I'll be right back. I gotta go flip him some shit.


The knocking at the door, sent the boys in a frantic rush to find their underwear, and straighten up.

Atlas: Who the hell would be knocking at the door?

Justin: Beats me. They probably have the wrong room.

Atlas: No shit.


The surprise visit wasn't as well received as Seamus thought it would be.

Atlas: You had better have a damn good reason for barging in here like this!

Seamus: I heard you through the wall, and I... just thought I'd... who are you here with anyway?


Atlas thought about making something up, maybe something about the redheads, when Justin came bounding out.

Justin: [making lewd gestures] Who the hell do you think he's here with?

Atlas: [mouthing] Not now.

Seamus: I uhh... I see... I guess, I'll just uhh... leave you alone then.


Dazed, after having his worst fears confirmed, Seamus quietly slunk out the door. He felt as if he was losing his brother, and for this he blamed Justin. But, truth be told, they were just growing up and apart.


Needing some comfort, he reported back to Kathy.

Seamus: But, you don't understand, he was there with Justin Kim.

Kathy: I still can't believe you actually went over there. You know, some things should remain behind closed doors. If he wanted you to know, he would have told you himself.


Seamus sat on the edge of the bed, and tried to clear his head, and enjoy his time with Kathy.

Seamus: I don't think I'm going to be able to do this. Not tonight anyway. Can we just watch TV instead?

Kathy: You asked for it...


With the morning, came the reality and blahs of returning home.

Justin: God, I don't want to go back. I wish we could stay here forever.

Atlas: Yeah, I hear ya. I wonder if Seamus told anybody yet.

Justin: Fuck Seamus! He was here for the same reason as we were.


Washed, dressed, and ready to jet, the boys stall before parting ways.

Atlas: Ugh, I really don't want to leave.

Justin: See, now, that's how I felt earlier. Maybe we can sneak out or something soon, maybe even get a place together when we head off to college.


And, with that, he dipped Atlas back over the counter for a deep and passionate kiss goodbye.

Justin: From the words of William Shakespeare, "Parting is such sweet sorrow".
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