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The Higgs - Gen. 2, Chapter 10


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Growing tired of bananas, Justin scrounged around the campsite to put together a fairly decent meal for the evening.

Justin: Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! Swamp cooking at it's finest.

Higgs_2_10 (1).jpg

Atlas: Damn, I think I ate too much. I'm really riding that food high.

Justin: Me too, I'm feeling really... floaty.

Atlas: What are you doing back there anyway?

Higgs_2_10 (2).jpg

Justin: Praying; praying we don't die from my cooking.

Higgs_2_10 (3).jpg

Atlas: Tolkien once said, "Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.". I bet he was lost in the woods when he wrote that, because it all makes perfect sense now.

Higgs_2_10 (4).jpg

Justin: We are all stardust! Are you tripping?

Higgs_2_10 (5).jpg

Atlas: I feel totally wasted!

Higgs_2_10 (6).jpg

Atlas: What in the hell did you put in the food anyway?

Justin: Crayfish, fiddleheads, wild mushrooms; we don't exactly have a stocked pantry, you know.

Higgs_2_10 (7).jpg

Just as the words left his mouth, a thought suddenly hit Justin like a ton of bricks.

Justin: The mushrooms!

Higgs_2_10 (8).jpg

Atlas: No, you didn't! Are you sure they were edible?

Higgs_2_10 (9).jpg

Justin: I don't know? I found some in the meadow; I thought they might add a little panache to the food.

Atlas: They added a little something, alright. So, basically, you might've poisoned us?

Higgs_2_10 (10).jpg

Justin quickly scrambled over to the fairy circle in the meadow.

Justin: Come on, they're just over here.

Higgs_2_10 (11).jpg

Atlas: Ha ha, I think these are magic mushrooms! You know, psychedelics.

Justin: Yeah? This might be the best mistake I've ever made! If we survive, I'm going to make this again for breakfast.

Higgs_2_10 (12).jpg

Seamus and Lainey bide their time on the beach, waiting for Justin and Atlas to return.

Lainey: I was thinking, since we're all alone, we might as well take advantage of it and have a little fun tonight.

Seamus: Are you crazy? They could be back at any given minute! For all we know, they might be severely injured, or even dead.

Higgs_2_10 (13).jpg

Lainey: Good grief, Seamus! You always have an excuse. Are we ever going to take our relationship to the next level? They're probably out there having "make up sex" right now.

Seamus: Come on, Lainey. You know we will, just... not tonight.

Higgs_2_10 (14).jpg

Seamus: I'm starting to get a little worried, they should have been back way before now.

Lainey: I'm... I'm sorry. How inconsiderate of me.

Higgs_2_10 (15).jpg

Seamus: God, I really am a dork. Here I am, alone on a desert island with a hot girl, who's practically begging for sex, and all I can do is worry about my brother. No wonder I'm still a virgin.

Higgs_2_10 (16).jpg

Growing more restless by the day, Alice eagerly awaits the moment when she can be discharged from the hospital, and return to her home life with her new bundle of joy.

Hadron: Doctor Jenkins is here for your morning checkup, maybe you'll get to go home today.

Higgs_2_10 (17).jpg

Alice: I'm ready. *sigh*

Higgs_2_10 (18).jpg

Dr. Jenkins: I'm detecting a little fluid in your lungs, likely due to your hypertension. It looks like you'll be extending your vacation here at "club med" a little longer.

Alice: (dryly) Wonderful.

Higgs_2_10 (19).jpg

Dr. Jenkins: Peripartum cardiomyopathy is a serious condition. Now, don't take this the wrong way, but middle aged women sometimes experience this after a pregnancy, and your chart shows that you had a near fatal collapse during your last one. This isn't just a coincidence, Alice.

Higgs_2_10 (20).jpg

Alice: I was overworked and fainted, that's all. Where's my Mai Tai?

Higgs_2_10 (21).jpg

Dr. Jenkins: This is a potentially fatal condition, and the next time she might not be so lucky. You should both start thinking about preventative measures for the future, maybe consider getting a little snip yourself.

Hadron: It's not like this was planned, she was on the pill for Christ's sake!

Dr. Jenkins: Right. Just something to think about anyway.

Higgs_2_10 (22).jpg

Alice: I guess I'll see what's on the ol' boob tube; it cant be any more depressing than this hellhole.

Higgs_2_10 (23).jpg

SBN: BREAKING NEWS! Fires are still burning at the Wanmami Island crash site. New reports indicate that there could potentially be several sims unaccounted for. A forensic crew will search the grounds as soon as the fires are safely extinguished.

Higgs_2_10 (24).jpg

Alice: Oh, my God! Ronnie! Did you hear that?

Higgs_2_10 (25).jpg

Hadron: I think that's enough television for now.

Alice: (weeping) Our boys, what if... what if it's them?

Higgs_2_10 (26).jpg

Alice: Dear Lord, please, I pray that our babies are safe!

Higgs_2_10 (27).jpg

Hadron: I'll try calling the dorms again, maybe someone's heard something.

Alice: Please... and, thank you.

Higgs_2_10 (28).jpg

Hadron didn't have much luck with the dorm, half of the sims were out on break, and the few that were there didn't even know who he was talking about.

Hadron: It's spring break, no one's in the dorm. What was I thinking? Maybe Haddie can try messaging someone on the computer.

Higgs_2_10 (29).jpg

Their daughter, Haddie, made her rounds on the net, without a single reply back.

Higgs_2_10 (30).jpg

Justin: This doesn't look right.

Higgs_2_10 (31).jpg

Atlas: Haha! You're kidding, right?

Justin: No, where the fuck are we?

Higgs_2_10 (32).jpg

Justin and Atlas take a look around at the strange and unfamiliar surroundings.

Higgs_2_10 (33).jpg

Atlas: I can't quite make out what it says, looks like some ancient form of Simlish.

Justin: That's it, we're screwed!

Higgs_2_10 (34).jpg

Justin: Is it just me, or is it really fucking hot?

Higgs_2_10 (35).jpg

Justin: I can't stand it! I'm going to climb up to the top of this rock; maybe someone will see us. It's our only hope.

Higgs_2_10 (36).jpg

Atlas: Yeah, it's a bit toasty. I don't think rock climbing on mushrooms is such a "hot" idea though.

Higgs_2_10 (37).jpg

Justin sizes up the rock to begin his ascent.

Justin: Yeah, I can totally scale this. Easy peasy!

Higgs_2_10 (38).jpg

Atlas: He's insane! I guess I had better go after him.

Higgs_2_10 (39).jpg

Nearing the summit, Justin loses his footing and slips.

Higgs_2_10 (40).jpg

Atlas reaches out to save him and loses his balance, tumbling all the way down.

Atlas: Juuuustin!

Higgs_2_10 (41).jpg

Justin: Fuuuuuuck...

Higgs_2_10 (42).jpg

Atlas: I'm spinning, I can't breathe...

Higgs_2_10 (43).jpg


Higgs_2_10 (44).jpg


Higgs_2_10 (45).jpg

Lainey: Care to accompany a lady for a dip in the cool, inviting water?

Higgs_2_10 (46).jpg

Feeling playful, Lainey strips down to the bare necessities, urging Seamus to join.

Lainey: Come on, it'll be liberating!

Higgs_2_10 (47).jpg

Seamus: (to himself) Don't be a dork, Seamus. Don't be such a dork.

Higgs_2_10 (48).jpg

Lainey: Don't worry, I won't watch.

Seamus: Uh, yeah... ok.

Higgs_2_10 (49).jpg

Stripped of all inhibitions, Seamus and Lainey approach the water as two souls who are about to embark on an incredible new journey together.

Higgs_2_10 (50).jpg

Lainey: See, it's not so bad once you get in.

Hearts racing, Seamus pulls Lainey in closer for an intimate kiss.

Higgs_2_10 (51).jpg

Lainey: What's wrong, is everything alright?

Seamus: I'm sorry, I don't think I can do this. My brother is still out there somewhere.

Higgs_2_10 (52).jpg

Basking in the warmth of the sun, the young couple lay side by side, taking in the moment for all it's worth.

Seamus: No hard feelings, right?

Lainey: We have the rest of our lives on this island, there'll be other days.
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