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The Higgs - Ch. 9



After achieving his lifetime want, Hadron decided to purchase a vacation home.

Hadron: Pack your bags, we're going to Twikki Island!

Atlas: Can Justin come with?

Hadron: Sure, why not!

Seamus: How about Kathy?

Hadron: No, no girlfriends.

Seamus kicked Atlas' shin under the table, but did not say a word.


The morning of their departure was chaotic, and Justin arrived right in the midst of lastminute laundry and packing.

Justin: Hey, Seamus.

Seamus: Hrmph...


It was a rather rainy Saturday, and everyone was glad to leave the typically unpredictable June weather behind. Haddie's school hadn't let out yet for the summer, but she wasn't going to complain about missing a day.


After a quick change of clothes at the airport, the crew finally arrived.

Hadron: Well, here we are! What do you think?

Atlas & Seamus: Oooh... ahhh...


Hadron: Atlas and Haddie can have this room [points], and Seamus and Justin can share the other.

Justin: Did you hear that Atlas? Seamus and I are going to be roommates!

Seamus: God, noooo... just no.


Seamus abhorred the thought of sharing a room with Justin.

Seamus: Can me and Atlas switch rooms? Justin is more of his freind than mine really.

Hadron: Oh, I had no idea? I just figured you were all good friends, and Atlas seems closer to Haddie.

Seamus: Come on, we haven't been friends since the third grade, dad.

Hadron: Ok, well, go unpack your things, and we'll head out for a look around town.


Alice: Look, I found matching outfits for us to wear, might make it easier to keep track of everyone this way.

Hadron: Hmm... I think I'd rather wear this grass skirt.

Alice: Oh, that's definitely you (chuckles), you should try it on!


Feeling playful, Hadron decided to model the skirt afterall. Alice played along, whistling wildly.

Alice: Oh Ronnie, you've got to get that; at least for me.

Hadron: You think so? We'll see.


The turquoise waters were too hard to resist with the noonday sun blazing high overhead.

Hadron: Don't get too far ahead Haddie, there might be a drop off.


Hadron and Alice decided to seize the opportunity of having the kids occupied, to soak up some rays.

Hadron: If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.

Alice: Oh, ok, I do want to get some color though.

Hadron: The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists.

Alice: Oh, shush with your scientific babble; we're on vacation!

Hadron: Ok... but, trust me on the sunscreen.


Atlas experiences some embarrassing "shrinkage".


Seamus: Don't worry, it's still there. Afraid of what your boyfriend might think?

Atlas: I wasn't...

Seamus: I saw you, you were totally checking yourself out!

Haddie: Atlas has a boyfriend?

Seamus: Just kidding, Atlas doesn't have a boyfriend. [whispers] He has a... friend with benefits.


Atlas having a boyfriend was one can of worms no one wanted to open up while on the "family" trip, so Seamus decided to distract Haddie by helping her with her sandcastle.

Haddie: It doesn't look right.

Seamus: I dunno, maybe if we add some shells or something.

Haddie: Castles don't have shells.

Seamus: Mermaid castles do.

Haddie: No such thing.

Seamus: Sure there is, they're mostly beneath the sea though, you probably just haven't noticed.


Perhaps these two spent a little too much time in the sun.

Alice: Wow, I haven't been this dark since college!

Hadron: Wonderful, just wonderful; the first day of the trip, and I already look like a lobster.


Donning their matching duds, the group descends onward to check out the fabled "haunted" pirate ship. Justin dutifully snaps up pictures of the family, quite possibly for future blackmail material with those outfits.


Here we go again, twins, always fighting.

Seamus: Da-a-ad, Atlas is hogging the sword!


Atlas decided to take "walking the plank" up a notch, by utilizing it as a diving board.


Alice teaches Haddie how to swim in the calm of the cove, however, it looks like Atlas is the one who may need the help now.


Hadron wasn't going to let a little sunburn get the best of him, and joined in with the new trend of "jumping ship".

Atlas: Watch out, here comes dad!


After seeing Haddie struggle to build a sandcastle, Hadron decided to help her out a little.

Alice: Very impressive!

Hadron: It's simple science really, they key is "compaction".

Haddie: [thinking] How'd he do that?


Seamus: Dad, I'm going to die if I don't get something to eat soon.

Justin: Oh, no... he's going to DIE!

Hadron: Alright, alright. We should probably be heading back anyway, I think I've had enough sun for one day. You guys can go do whatever you want.


While exploring the island, Atlas and Justin stumble across some little huts.

Justin: What do ya say we rent one for the day? It says they do weddings too, if you're feeling adventurous.

Atlas: Yeah, but... do they do same-sex... wait, are you proposing to me?

Justin: Maybe.


Atlas: Hello, we'd like to inquire about same-sex marriage ceremonies?

Concierge: We could perform a civil union; just as long as you're 18 or older, and have either cash, or a credit card.


Blame it on the heat, or the island magic, but the next thing you know, they were signing documents.

Concierge: Great, the ceremony will take place at 7:00 PM. See ya then!

Stephen: I'll go run that over to the notary right away.


Justin: Hey, we should go back and pick up our pirate costumes!

Atlas: What we're wearing is fine.

Justin: It's just that I'm wearing this old stained shirt.

Atlas: I thought that was your favorite t-shirt? You're shoes are new.

Justin: Yeah, but I'm also wearing these shorts that I'm borrowing from Seamus.

Atlas: You would have gotten heat exhaustion otherwise. Besides, it's perfect, think about it.


Back at the beach house, Alice divides up a watermelon among the family.

Hadron: Did your brother and Justin happen to say where they ran off to?

Seamus: I wasn't aware that they had even left?

Hadron: They're probably just exploring, or out looking for girls.


The air was densely perfumed with gardenia and coconut as the happy couple tied the knot!


Bartender: The first round is on the house boys, congratulations!

Justin: I just can't believe it... we're actually married...

Atlas: Damn, this drink is strong! Wanna go get something to eat?


Convieniently located across the street, was a festive little tiki lounge, often toted as the hippest place in town.

Atlas: Here comes JAWS... dun dun... dun dun... dun dun dun dun dun dun dun...


Justin: OH MY GOD, remember this song? Mad Pursuit, we were listening to it in my room the first time we made out. I can't believe they have it on the jukebox!

Atlas: Wanna dance?


They may have gotten a little silly, but everyone deserves to let loose on their wedding night.


Justin: Atlas, this is the best day of my life! Look, I can hardly eat this lobster, and it's my favorite food.

Atlas: I know what you mean, it all seems so unreal. Hey, why don't we get some to-go boxes and head back.


High on life and perhaps a bit tipsy, the boys approach their room.

Atlas: Whoa, what the fuck are you doing?

Justin: Aren't you going to carry me over the threshold, Atlas?


But things hit a more serious inside, and they embraced each other for the first time as a married couple.


Hoping their absence will go unnoticed, the boys prepare to return at the crack of dawn.

Atlas: Wakey, wakey, eggs & bakey! I just ordered room service, we left our boxes at the restaurant.

Justin: Oh, cool.

Atlas: You fell back to sleep, didn't you?

Justin: I was just closing my eyes... thinking... about last night.

Atlas: [jokingly] You're so full of shit, get up. God, you're beautiful in the morning.


Concierge: Good morning lovebirds. You're up awfully early, or late... bon appetit!

Justin: Fuckin' A, there must be at least a dozen eggs here!

Atlas: How in the hell are we supposed to eat all those?


The boys were stealthy, but like a radar, parents have a keen sense of knowing these things. Hadron decided to look around for a few clues while the boys were outside, and found some pretty shocking evidence.

Hadron: Alice, come here, you're not going to belive this.

Alice: What is it?
Hadron: It's paperwork for a civil union, Atlas is married.

Alice: What, did he fall madly in love with some island girl and elope?

Hadron: Let me put it this way, we now have a son in law.

Alice wept softly into her hands.


Alice: This is a joke, right?

Hadron: All the paperwork is here, along with a $500 bill.

Alice: Well, you don't think they... you know, consummated the marriage?

Hadron: Let's see, they rented a hut at the 'Atlantis Resort', a pretty romantic place too, judging by the brochure. I highly doubt they went there to watch TV.


A tropical storm was on the horizon, but Atlas was determined to work on his tan, or at least it was a good excuse not to face his parents.

Seamus: [cracking up] So, is it Mrs. Higgs, or Mrs. Kim?

Atlas: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Seamus: Hmm, I don't see any rings though...


Justin smiled to himself, and nonchalantly gave Seamus the finger as he fiddled with his shoelaces.


Within moments, Alice bounded down the stairs, with Hadron not far behind.

Alice: What the hell did you think you were doing?!

Atlas: I dunno...

Alice: Marriage is supposed to be sacred, not something you do on a whim for fun!

Atlas: Is it the simple fact that I got married, or because it's a gay marriage? I bet you can't even say it!


That afternoon, Stephen knocked at the door with a special delivery.

Hadron: [blandly] Fruitbasket for the newlyweds, courtesy of the island.

Alice: God, I can't believe everyone is taking this so seriously.

Justin: Ohh, I want the bananas. (waggling brows)

Atlas: Oh really, now?


Justin: Get your mind out of the gutter. I was thinking about making some sandwiches.

Atlas: Nice save.


But, he did indeed have every intention of making sandwiches.

Justin: Told ya.


Not wanting to spring any surprises at the last minute, Alice decided to give Justin's mother a phone call.

Alice: [nervously] Hi, Cyndie? I hope this isn't a bad time?

Cynthia: No, not at all. Is everything alright?

Alice: Well, I need to talk to you about Justin.

Cynthia: Good lord, what did he do now? Is he alright?

Alice: He's fine, you might want to sit down though...


While clearing the plates, Atlas was approached rather abruptly by Seamus.

Seamus: Way to go, Atlas, way to ruin the family trip!

Atlas: I didn't ruin anything.

Seamus: Oh, yeah? This will forever go down as "the trip where Atlas got married".

Atlas: You're really a dick sometimes, you know that?


Justin: Ohh... I'd like to tap that, right over the kitchen sink.

Alice: Justin! Don't you ever talk to my son like that again!

Justin: [awkwardly] Oh, sorry. I didn't know you were there.


In lieu of the events, everyone agreed to spend the day at the house, and call it an early night.

Atlas: I really wish you didn't have to sleep in that damn sleeping bag tonight.

Justin: It's ok. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty beat myself.

Atlas: Yeah, we didn't exactly get much sleep last night. (snickers)

Justin: Hey, I know something that we could do!


Washed up and ready for bed, a pillow fight is always a good way of working out one's frustrations!


Atlas: How about a kiss goodnight?

Justin: You know, I'd love to do a lot more than that.


The second his head hit the pillow, Justin was out like a light. As Atlas turned in, he felt bad seeing Justin asleep on the floor, and wished that he would have thought to offer up his own bed to him instead.


Hadron: Are you still worrying about Atlas? Come to bed, hon.

Alice: I can't help it. I just feel like he's making a huge mistake.


Alice: As soon as we get back I'm going to march those boys up to the courthouse and have this marriage annulled.

Hadron: I'm afraid that's a decision they'd have to make themselves. Legally, they're adults.

Alice: Adults? They're barely out of high school, they're not even fully grown!

Hadron: They're 18, legally they're adults.


Alice spent the next day in denial, and acted like nothing had happened the day prior.

Haddie: Why are you dressed up like that?

Alice: I decided that we should all wear our fun outfits today. Go put on your hula girl skirt!

Haddie: Mom, you look pretty, but dad looks funny.


The family decided to take in a few sights, their last stop being the sacred Monkey Shrines.

Seamus: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't push you into the fountain right now.

Atlas: You're so predictable, it's pathetic. We'll be over at the hot springs, if you wanna drown us or anything.


Alice: [to herself] He's so deep in thought, I wonder what he's wishing for?

Hadron: [silently] I'm not wishing to change any events that have happened, but please, restore the peace and harmony my family once had.


Alice: Making a wish?

Hadron: Eh, why not? Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky... hey, are those real coconuts?

Alice: That's for me to know, and you to find out later.


Hadron: Whoa, Haddie, how long have you been standing there?

Haddie: I found a room with giant washing machines, bigger than me even! Can I have a quarter?

Hadron: Sorry kiddo, I'm all out. Why, you have some laundry to do?

Haddie: No, I wanted to make a wish too.


Hadron was surprised when he found the boys peacefully relaxing in the hot springs together.

Hadron: Ahh, it's nice to finally unwind a little.


Without any coins, Haddie was just itching to throw something into the fountain. What's a kid to do? Raid the laundry room for soap, of course!


But, this deeply angered the monkey gods, and the once crystal clear springs changed suddenly to fiery lava. Will Haddie be doomed to live a cursed life as a result from this childhood prank?


Quietly, she tiptoed over to her family. Oddly enough, the gods didn't turn the hot springs into lava. Was it nothing more than a parlor trick for tourists? Afraid to admit her guilt, Haddie decided to keep this secret to herself.

Alice: There you are, I was beginning to worry. Are you ok?

Haddie: This place scares me. Can we go now?

Alice: [calling over] Hadron, we're heading over to the west beach, Haddie's bored.


The west beach had a fire dancer, which Justin immediately took an interest to. The learning process was long and grueling, but by nightfall he was twirling like a pro! Even Seamus was impressed, which says a lot in itself. He certainly has a knack for this!


Quite possibly it was the "end of a trip blues", but a certain calm seemed to have swept over the island that night.

Alice: This vacation was worth every penny!

Hadron: How about those coconuts?


Atlas and Justin tried to savor every last moment they had left of vacation. Together, they built their dream home out of sand, and chattered nervously about their future, their dreams, school, and life in general.

Justin: Well, we'd better head in, it's starting to rain.

Atlas: And, we've got an early flight to catch in the morning.

Justin: We don't have to sleep.

Atlas: Another pillow fight?

Justin: Maybe.
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  • Still stranded after all these years...

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