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The Higgs - Ch. 2



In the last chapter, the twins got accepted into a private school.

Hadron: So, how was your first day at the new school?

Atlas: I'm so glad to see you, Dad!


They also welcomed a new addition to the family, Haddie.


Atlas: When you said we were going to to a private school, I thought you were sending us to a boarding school.

Alice: What on Earth gave you that idea?

Atlas: Well, you had Baby Haddie right before... I thought you wanted to get rid of us.


Alice helps Haddie to the cake, she is entranced by the flickering glow of the candles. Do we have a possible pyro in the making here?


Happy Birthday, dear Haddie...

Atlas refused to sing along, but gleefully chimed in at the end - you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too.


The boys study Haddie objectively, maybe she's not so bad after all.


Looks like someone is all partied out.


Alice returned to the newspaper as an obituary writer, and Nerissa Bendett was hired on as the children's nanny.

Nerissa: [rapping]
If there's a task that must be done,
Don't turn your tail and run,
Don't pout, don't sob,
Just do a half-assed job!


School was cancelled due to snow, and the boys took full advantage of this.


Justin: Hey, wanna play?

Seamus: Stay away from Justin, he's got cooties.


Hadron was up for a promotion soon, and spent his vacation time hard at work. He was developing a 'Smart Milk' formula to increase learning by fusing the green fluorescent proteins (GFP) of a jellyfish's genes to a child’s genes. Afterall, seafood is considered brain food. Unfortunately, it had an alarming side effect, green glowing skin.


The Higgs had a very special guest come visit them on Christmas Eve.


Santa: Have you been a good boy this year? Ho ho ho, I know, I always know!


While the kids head off to bed, Hadron and Santa discuss some serious business in the bathroom.

Hadron: Please, help me, I really need this promotion.

Santa: While I may be able to make reindeer fly, I'm afraid nuclear powered tots is a little out of my league.


The Kims invited the Higgs over for their annual New Years Eve party. Justin, to the annoyance of others, banged on an old pot all night long waiting for the New Year to come.


Headmaster Kim: [singing off-key] Schooooool's out... for... summer winter. Schoool's out... for... ever!

Cynthia: Ok, no more Hot Toddies for Vince.


Policeman: I found Chase here, wandering around the streets kicking over trash cans. I was surprised when he turned out to be one of our own. I'm afraid I'm going to have to break up this party, it seems a little out of hand.


Thanks to Chase Hart, the party was over before they could say Father Time. What a way to make friends.

Robert: Thanks for coming, I hope you all had a splendid time.


Today was the twins' birthday. On the way down to breakfast, Seamus hugged his bear extra tight and left him in the hallway - surely little Haddie could use a friend.


The bathroom was a very popular place durring the hectic mornings.

Hadron: Well, helllllo beautiful!


With everyone rushing around, no one heard Haddie's cries, and she soon figured out how to
bust out of the playpen herself. The first thing she did was find a bottle from the night

Haddie: Om nom nom nom...


Then, she told old Mr. Bear all about it. I don't think that spoiled milk sat too well in her fragile little system.


The local fortune teller dropped by, with what appeared to be a birthday present for the


But, really, it was just an old lamp for Haddie. For Haddie, really? She quickly tiptoed away as everyone returned home for the day.


Hadron's colleagues were less than impressed by the toxic tots, and started to fear for his sanity. As a result, Hadron was demoted, and sent back to field research.


Unsure what others might think of his dad now, Atlas called up all his friends for the birthday party, just to make sure they were still coming.


Katrina: I'm only here because my mom made me come.


After the initial akwardness, the kids all got along famously.

Katrina: Wheee... gimme another push!


Alice and Hadron rounded the kids up for cake, just as Atlas clocked Justin really good with the pillow one last time.


Hadron started everyone off on a round of "Happy Birthday" for the boys.


Seamus got embarrassed, and hid behind his mother.


The boys made their wishes, and bid their childhood farewell. Just as Atlas was blowing out
his candles, the clock struck 6:00 and both twins grew up at exactly the same time. I
couldn't have timed it better if I tried!


Clothing aside, the boys grew up well.


Everyone had a fantastic time, with no fights, or cops. Probably because Chase Hart couldn't
make it.


The boys, with gift cards in hand, set off for some more stylish duds.

Atlas: You think this will look pretty pimp on me?

Seamus: You'll look like the ice cream man.


Atlas: Here's my gift card, and my phone number. *wink*

Jacqueline: That was like, so funny, I forgot to laugh.


Seamus: Look, the boards are 40% off. *snickers*


Still feeling a bit of resentment about his last haircut, Atlas decided to get something a
little more "him".

Atlas: What the... ? You screwed up my hair AGAIN!!!


Seamus: Oh God, here we go again. I'd better go grab a Snickers bar, I think it's
going to be awhile.


After perfecting the 'Smart Milk' formula, Hadron finally got the promotion he wanted, and a
big bonus to boot. Life couldn't get any sweeter for him at the moment.


Hadron tells Alice the good news, and they fantasize about their future.

Atlas: Ewww, take it elsewhere! No one wants to see that!


Alice: That Atlas, he's so sensitive sometimes.
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