School... sims... and that darn hospital!!!

Now that my classes are over with for the quarter, I can get back to simming! I booted up the game last night and was all ready to send Alice & Hadron over to test out the hospital, and get some story shots done, when I realized I needed some staff to run the place. I quickly made up a doctor and nurse, then motherloded them to hell and back so they could buy the hospital; remember, I need to go into live mode to remove that object that's wedged into the tile. Just when I grabbed the "stuckobjectremover" thingy, my game minimized to the desktop due to a fricken' pop-up, and since I had already been playing for about 7 hours, it wouldn't load back up afterwards. So, as it stands, I still don't know if the new hospital is even playable... I'm going to be sooo pissed if it's not.


I’ve finished the hospital, packaged it up, and saved it on a flash drive. The buiding is ten stories tall, but I only furnished four of the floors, because I do want to be able to play this lot, and I don't need my sims running off to the roof.

With that out of the way, I can now get back to working on my story again. YAY!!!



Progression of the sim hospital I’ve been working on. It's based off of another hospital, which I absolutely adored, but was unable to play. So, for my own use and story purposes, I decided to make my own.

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Stuck Object


Stuck object in build mode… is there anyway to get rid of it without going into live mode?

Since the previous hospital that I was using was crashing my game, I decided to revamp another one to closely resemble it. The footprint on this lot is much smaller, so it's been kind of like a puzzle trying to fit it all together. I've had to take a short break though, because my wrist is severely cramped up from all the clicking!

A whole *lot* of madness!

This was my project for the weekend. There's one dilemma I face every time I reinstall my game - I use my own version of the Kim family, but need their house. Now, the logical thing would have been to simply plunk it down somewhere and bin it without the family, but that would've made entirely too much sense. Nonono, I was determined to rebuild it myself from an empty lot. I had two small pictures to use for reference, and the rest I had to try to do from memory, so there may be a few inconsistencies. It was a fun challenge though, and now I have the house, should I need it again in the future.

Nuclear Nest
The Nuclear Nest - rebuilt

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sweet little guy

A week ago I had to let my sweet kitty 'Jasper' go. We tried everything, but the cancer had progressed too far, and his system just couldn't hold on any longer. It was time. He went peacefully in my arms, with a smile on his face. He meant a great deal to me, and I miss him terribly.

Prior to this, I had left off after making my self sim in game, pondering whether or not I should make Jasper too. I finally decided to go ahead and do it, at least he can "live" again in my game with me. I had a little trouble trying to make the brown tabby fur, but I'm fairly pleased with the results.

The narrator

Life and things...

Sorry for my absence, my cat became very sick around Christmas, lost his eyesight, and has been unable to care for himself, requiring around the clock care, which hasn't left me with much time for sims. Any pocket of time is now reserved for sleeping, vet visits, and grocery trips. They think he may have cancer, and the protocol to treat this has been long and exhausting. I'd like to thank everyone for the nice comments on allthingsimlish over the holidays though, it was really unexpected and helped cheer me up during this difficult time. Some were left for you too. :)

I've made a few lame attempts at playing in between caring for my cat, but the game went idle each time before I could actually play, giving me that blocky screen that I posted about before. I sucessfully managed to go into it yesterday, and found that it was just as glitched as I had left it. *sigh* So... I downloaded everything I'll need to install the clean templates and start over. Now that I've settled into my new routine more, my desire to play and write has returned. Hopefully my next update will be a more positive one.

Yep, I broke it.

After struggling with free will issues, and Benjamin Baldwin dissappearing into
thin air every time he came home with Hadron after work (like if you teleport a
dead sim), I finally had the corrupt though/speach bubbles appear. I reloaded the
lot several times, and if it wasn't Seamus, it was someone else. I suspect Mr.
Baldwin may still be lurking somewhere, since it seems to be a routing bubble
related to the tiles in that particular location.

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This can’t be good!

Please excuse the bad quality, old-school style screencaps, I didn’t have Fraps loaded,
so I used my camera to take a few pictures of the monitor.

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[ETA] It's because my computer fell asleep while the game was loading, nothing detrimental. I'm a little concerned though, because I haven't had anything like this happen in years, and I needed a new graphics card then. Hey, if that's the case, they should at least be on sale this time of year. :P